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You have come with knowledge,

that you might rebuke their forgetfulness.

You have come with recollection,

that you might rebuke their ignorance.

For you descended into a great ignorance,

but you have not been defiled by anything in it.

For you descended into a great mindlessness,

and your recollection remained.

You walked in mud,

and your garments were not soiled,

and you have not been buried in their filth,

and you have not been caught.

The (First) Apocalypse of James.

Spreading awareness is like sowing seeds to make a Garden of Eden in a barren wasteland, but seeds can remain dormant in the harshest drought conditions and as soon as the rain comes, what appeared to be desolation turns into a magnificient sight to behold. Science, the Gnostic gospels, the Hermetica, the soul, can be buried and out of sight for the spiritual drought of an age of ignorance, but it will come back, knowledge can never be suppressed. One man who goes down the productive road will be more productive than a million, or even a billion, people going down the unproductive road. Christopher Columbus was the only man who knew the Earth was round and his knowledge produced much more than everyone else in Europe. The man who created the World Wide Web brought more change than all the world's politicians put together. This world is full of people who believe that their religion is going to produce peace, harmony, prosperity, happiness, an end of suffering etc, but in reality we don't have any of those things. Most people are on the unproductive path when it comes to spirituality and this is evidenced by the fact that religions have failed to deliver results and put an end to the problems affecting this world. It only takes a few people travelling on the productive road to bring positive changes to this world, but it requires that the average person changes the direction they are on and travel down the productive road. Someone who is awake is going to be more productive than the masses who are not awake.

This website will present an idea that sounds crazy to most people and this idea is also the main gist of this website. This idea is that the soul or who you were before you entered the body can be resurrected while you're still alive. Most people believe, if they aren't atheists, that the soul only gets resurrected or you only become the spirit once you die. This is an abberant view that has kept people ignorant and imprisoned by their illusions all their lives. The soul can not only be resurrected but it should be resurrected if you want to have a good life. The religions and the enlightened teachers never defined anything physical as life, they only defined the spirit as life and that is what you should become again. The words resurrection, born again, salvation and deliverance don't refer to joining a hierarchical religion and adopting a label, which separate you from everyone else, for the rest of your life. These words mean resurrection the spirit or the true self, being born again into the spirit, being saved and delivered from ignorance, pain and the oppression of the illusions. If you want to know the meaning of life, it's to gain it back. There's only a few people who have achieved this level of awareness and this is a very special group of people. One day this group will become the majority and then there will be a golden age.

There are four groups of people in this world. The first group the living. These are people who have started to resurrect themselves and are starting to rediscover their true selves or who they were before they entered their bodies. Traditionally this group has been a very small minority for the past 5000 years and only a few people have achieved this status, such as Jesus and Buddha. This group maybe small but they have an enormous effect on society and the future. This state of being usually starts out with a greatly enhanced level of awareness and a much broader view of reality than what people have had before. People who go into this level of awareness start having lots of information coming into them and they can see reality as it is and not as the system has created for everyone. It's like having the lens between you and the world being clearer, whereas before it was clouded over and only certain pieces of information come through. Another way of seeing it is that the interface between you and the internet becomes much better and allows much more information to come through than before. The more the lens becomes clearer and the more you rediscover yourself the more psychic you become. That is all being a psychic is about. There are different levels of the living, from those who are starting to rediscover themselves to those who are enlightened. It can be a long process of rediscovery and this is the second Renaissance. Renaissance means reawakening. The Matrix movies were about Neo waking up and becoming his true self in the real world. The Matrix movies weren't about Neo realizing that the government or the system were corrupt, most people already know that, they were about Neo getting out of the illusion and live in the real world.

The second group is the awake. This group of people have become aware of how the world works and they don't buy into the programming and propaganda that society, media and other sources give them. The people in this group do their own research and they think for themselves. The internet has made it much easier for people to bypass the programming and propaganda that's put out there by the elites and the internet gives people a much better and broader view of the world. A lot of people who have become awake are coming out of the third group of people and they can still have a hierarchical mentality and they can still identify themselves by a label, but they have a heightened sense of ethics and they aren't so subservient their leaders anymore. Traditionally this group has been persecuted by the system because they are a threat to their power. Usually there there is ridicule of people who think differently and who want to change society, but when that doesn't work, the elites will start persecuting those people who want to reform the system. If the corruption by the elites is particulary bad and the average person can see it, ridicule becomes much less effective still and the reformers will get a lot more support than what they normally would, so the elites have no choice but to persecute them. In a normal dictatorship, the elites will bypass ridicule and go straight to persecuting those who question them.

The third group of people are the asleep. These people are hierarchical and they are unquestioning servants in the system and society. These people identify themselves and each other by a label and they think that their particular group is better than everyone elses. They don't make friends with people who don't belong to their group. These people have been programmed to be loyal servants in their hierarchy and society and they work to support that system they serve. People in the third group are the sheeple who obey their leaders and they enforce the rules on each other so the leaders don't have to. A lot of people in the third group are quite smart and many of them have university degrees, but the problem is that they are very compartmentalized and their view of the world is very restricted. They don't question the system they belong to and they don't broaden their view of the world, because they want to stay in their hierarchy. The Nazis and Communists are good examples of this. The people in those regimes were quite educated and intelligent, but they were so loyal to the system that they didn't use their intelligence for the good of Mankind. Traditionally this group has been the largest group for the past 5000 years and the elites have done everything they can to maintain everyone at this level.

The fourth group of people are the dead. These people are the zombies who are mentally and spiritually dead and they operate primarily from their base instincts or their Reptilian brains. They don't care about anything that's not related to base instincts and this is why they appear to be dumbed down, but really they are only interested in things that are related to their base instincts. If the TV showed the first landing on Mars these people would prefer to watch celebrities or sport on TV. People in the third group have interest in intellectual things but the zombies have no interest in anything intellectual at all. This can be seen in the most viewed video list on Youtube everyday. It is rare to see any news, documentaries, science programs etc, on it. Most of the videos on the most viewed video list are crap that isn't educational in any way. The most subscribed list also reflects how most people don't show any interest in anything intellectual. This explains why political and corporate corruption doesn't get as much attention as a scandal with celebrities or in sports, because political and corporate corruption usually involves economics, mathematics and geo political agendas and those things don't appeal to the Reptilian brain like a celebrity scandal does. One thing that all religions have in common is that they tell people not to operate from base instincts and there is good reason for that, it brings you down and lowers your state of consciousness. It also leads to a degeneration of society and Humanity. Traditionally the fourth group has been a minority as well because religions and society have always discouraged people from operating from their base instincts and only the rich and the elites had enough wealth to be able to be decadent. But the fourth group has grown expodentially over the past few decades because of consumerism and materialism. It has also grown because of all the drugs and chemicals that so many people get exposed to now. Those things really enhance the Reptilian brain.

The second group, the awake, and the fourth group, the dead, have grown expodentially over the past decade. These two groups have traditionally been small but Humanity, which has mostly been in the third group, the asleep, has split up and gone into the second and fourth groups on mass. The third group has been shrinking in numbers and this is why so many people have left the traditional political, ideological and religious hierarchies. The first group, the living, is still small but it will grow expodentially soon like how the second group has grown expodentially over the past decade.

This is the most materialistic, fleshy, worldly age that has ever existed and a website like this doesn't go down well with most people. The world accommodates those who are fleshy, everything in this society enhances base instincts and attacks the true self. The Renaissance was about a reawakening and a rediscovery of knowledge that was lost and buried during the darkness of the Middle Ages. The second Renaissance is also about a reawakening and a rediscovery of a lost knowledge, except knowledge that is far deeper and ancient than what existed in ancient Greece and Rome. The second Renaissance will be a rediscovery of a lost civilization as well as a rediscovery of who you are before you went into amnesia. By you I don't mean your idendity, your body or your label, by you I mean you, the soul, spirit or true self. There will be a resurrection of you and you will see how much of a slave you were as someone who was bound in ignorance. The debate is not about whether the spirit world exists or not, the debate is about whether this world exists or not, especially the reality that has been created by those who want to keep everyone in a state of political, intellectual, constitutional and spiritual ignorance.

The picture of the eye over a book represents what this website is about. It means two things, the first one is that people should read books and look at other things, like TV and music, not just with their two eyes but with their third eyes as well. Doing this can give you deeper insight about what the book and other sources of information are trying to give you. The second meaning of this picture is that learning lots of new things from different sources of information can improve your insight and the way you see yourself, other people and the world.

It's important to point out that the word order in Order of Melchizedek doesn't mean a group or an organization, it means a way of doing things or a way of being. Read the article called Order of Melchizedek to learn more about this subject. This website is a "tribute" to this order and this website and other websites and groups using this name aren't official in anyway. The purpose of this website is to educate and inform people on the subject of ancient knowledge of wisdom that has been suppressed and kept out of circulation for a long time. The information on this website is freely available for everyone. You can pick and choose what you want to accept and what you don't. The problem that so many people in this world have is that they believe that they either have to accept everything or reject everything that a group, teacher, website etc, has to offer. That's what being an individual is all about.

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