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Earth Day - April 22 2013 - Lend a Hand - Thank You

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Comment by SwanRa on April 24, 2013 at 8:20am

Thank you so much for all the time taken to give me such important information that feeds my expanding consciousness! I will definitely check out the sources. I love the idea that there are always more reasons than one for tradition teaches this too. Too many think every thing an Ancient once said Is Enlightened. It may not have even been true then but also our brains hearts and minds have expanded and we need to question and add to the thoughts expressed not just keep regurgitating it. 

We love Oannes and so much of value seems to relate back to the animal fertility and agriculture --

Will explore Tanit!! Thank you again and Blessings!

May the force be with you!

Comment by SwanRa on April 22, 2013 at 2:24pm

Thank you dear Rob. I can always count on you! I follow the Path of the Hand - so your picture is particularly meaningful.

Can you id the picture for me? I wonder at the inscription....I am a Rune Scholar and see some meaning but it is helpful to know culture and timing if you have it.

Path of the Hand is Sirius in origin. Akehaten was to bring these energies to Earth and to seed Oneness in the Middle East. As to the path of the hand - its closest equivalent is to understand the Chariot Mysteries.

When we lend a hand we are lending...... the five elements of the way they were meant to be used support.

All great healers use their hands....Left hand is receiving - right is giving. In your picture the water sine (sign) of MEM/Snake is there as are the birds....the messengers - so much lovely symbolism - the snake is there balancing.....the Sun contained in the the Feminine always makes space for the masculine...but oh too many symbols here to go further here.

And happy Earth day....happy Body Day (no - body seems to knows this - but this is what we are all celebrating...the Earth's body and ours....and all life .....It is ELEMENTAL. (And all the bodies...Stars planets asteroids....meteors....etc and etc and of course all extraterrestrial life.


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