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One Small Token

What takes possession  of my being as I slumber

What soft  light hovers in this sleep I am under

Even these words are merely an attempt to map out

Where my heart met it's spirit once...without question or doubt

How many times will I reach to embrace this mirage

Within dark chapters and soft voices; this nocturnal montage

How can  I not follow her footsteps sublime

For she is revealed to me as The Daughter of Time

She is worthy of study, the Priestess of Nature in kind

And from here ever after I am hers and she ever mine

In this attempt to trace my way back to her side

She whispers 'there's no need' for she is my bride

In sleep I shall meet her and then touch her hand

In a faraway place I know where dreams land

This dream will tell me things of a world I do miss

As gentle a chime rings...a memory ...a kiss

And though a kiss will bring with it a longing and wonder

I now draw a map back to the mystery I ponder

Who would ever think that this enchantment would make

A one such as I to enfold her and take

This small light...this tender bright...this one spark at night

And then sleep the sleep of a tender delight



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