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     Hello Again. Well, if you have followed me and my posts to this point, I thank you. If you have not done so, please read my former 2 blogs 1st. This is a kinda part 3. We are about to get into the skeleton of reality. I will lose a lot of you with this information. Either it will go over your head or conflict with what you know is true or it will resonate. That is fine. I am not here to change your mind about something. If I had the choice to make you believe what I do or what you do, I would choose for you to keep your belief system. Free will must not be changed by any person. To do so inflicts karma. These are my beliefs. This is how I see the world. These thoughts to me are absolute. To the others who have followed my blogs and enjoyed the info. you are in for a wonderful amount of knowledge. So come join me.

     Ever heard someone say, "everything is vibration?" Well, it is. Sound is the 1st vibration. There are 15 dimensions. Each dimension steps down the frequency osculation into more numerous parts. The Dimensions are all on top of each other. Density all occupies the same space, but at different frequencies. We are in between the 3rd and 4th density. Just  20 years ago we were just in the 3rd density. Here is how dimensions work. Source provides an influx of vibration with intent. It is pure sound at this point. In the beginning was the word. Word = Sound. Now this sound is Dimension 15. Dimension 15, 14, and 13 are called the primal light and sound fields. Now with the influx of sound vibration in dimension from Source called dimension 15 it gets stepped down. So when this sound field scalar wave get stepped down, it slows down. The wavelength gets longer. If one drops a stone into water it forms ripples. The distance between these ripples gets wider and farther apart in our example. After a point the sound wave vibrations reach a point of perfect critical mass and becomes light. All light is sound vibrations. The point the sound becomes light we call dimension 14. I should state at this point that this sound is alive. Ok, the sound scalar morphagenitic field becomes light. Now dimension 14 is light. At the end of dimension 14 when the wavelength reaches a perfect point, it creates sound again with light. This is the beginning of dimension 13. Dimension 13 is light and sound vibrations. We call these three dimensions the Primal Light and Sound Fields. Dimension 13 steps down these light and sound frequencies to make the 1st tangible solid dimension, dimension 12. It is not tangible to us because we are dimension 3.5 density. However, if we were 12th density beings, it would be tangible along with all lower dimensions and densities. This makes me wonder if gas planets on higher dimensions are solid. Anyway, each dimension steps down and makes more of whats in it in the next lower dimension. Example: If I am a being in dimension 8 and I transition my consciousness down to dimension 7, I would no longer be 1 entity but several. This is why  enlightened people will say we are all one. Each higher dimension contains more of the whole.

     I hope this blog finds you well. See ya next time.


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