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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio- Tiphireth’s Moon! Why you should care


April 25, 2013 - Year of the Snake. This is a Time of releasing the Past and its Pain. It is the Time of death and rebirth. It is the Time we have been waiting for to be in the fullness of all that is the Year of the Snake .  12/21/12 was about endings. This is the new beginning.

It IS The Dream of D’aat on the Tree – saying:

“We are here and you are our reflection. “ 11:11

Your are not invisible either and you do have impact.

4(Emperor/heart)+7 (Chariot/choice)=11 (Strength inner) + 11 (Strength outer)

= 22 The Year of the Fool: Beyond Fear and

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road


A lot of 11:11 people called foolish have been dreaming this Fool energy to manifest NOW.


The Feminine and Masculine in the marriage of Respect,

the Hieros Gamos, that produces the Neutral Witness

Tiphireth (yes there is a spelling difference for all the reasons PHI represents) is the call we hear to remove the layers of conditioning to get to the bare bones of who we really are: BEFORE CONDITIONING. To be the Lovers within and to be the Lovers without.

This is Unconditional Love: The Lovers before any consensus definers. Unconditionally loving: doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. It is commitment to reenact these marriage vows everyday.

Getting to the bare bones of who we really are: Death w/o dying

13 is the Constellation of Ophiuchus, the Snake Handler

April (4) + 25/7 = 11+2=13 +13 or 13:13 Inner outer Death Rebirth Change

13+13= 26 the Number of the dimensions or 8 that is the Energy of Justice.

It is TIME to End the Hypnotism of others thoughts.

This is Justice for All.

Do you really know what you think?

Do you really know what you feel? Or have you been conditioned?

We all have.

It is the Time of the 13th Skull


It is the Time of Consciously creating our wishes and desires  that

IS Justice for ALL.

As Glenda the good Witch said to Dorothy: You had it in you all along. It is CHOICE.

It is the way of the Heart that leads one Home.

1 Magician +3 Cosmic Birther = 4 Emperor Heart

13:13 Manifesting Heart from the Inner Outer.

This is the Change we have been seeking.

IT IS OUR TIME!! So mote it be and So it IS. Thank you.

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Comment by SwanRa on May 1, 2013 at 6:01am

Thank you dear Divinity. I am glad that you felt you attained some useful information as it helped explain the Power of now. I applaud you as it takes courage to allow in the challenges as the emotions do (if we allow) bring us to a higher state of consciousness.

Be gentle with yourself and perhaps call in Lilith. She of course was given a very bad rap and her energies twisted. People at one time were brainwashed into believing she killed babies and caused men to have sexual fantasies!! 

She is the Sine, the Snake, that encouraged Eve to expand her knowing of the Tree of Life. She is of the dark Moon!!

Despite the fact that she is not officially recognized in the Christian tradition, in the Late Middle Ages she is occasionally identified with the serpent in Genesis 3 and shown accordingly with a woman's head and torso. For example, the bare-breasted woman with a snake's lower parts posed seductively in the branches of the tree between Adam and Eve in the scene of the temptation carved into the base of the trumeau in the left doorway of the West façade of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris has been identified as Lilith.

Lilith by John Collier 1887

Many Blessings to you I send you great light and the warmth that is happiness! SwanRa.

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