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Acceptance is the basis of the Esoteric Path

In the ancient Greek philosophy, the Universe in all its levels, is dominated by the “Divine Law” which is “One”.


The “One Divine Law” is an experiential goal and an object of research, both for all the Mysteries of the world and for the modern science of Astrophysics.


The “One Divine Law” can be approached only experientially and not theoretically.

Philosophy teaches us that the “One Divine Law” divided itself into “aspects”, which the science of Psychology calls Archetypes. Each Archetype constitutes one of the “aspects” of the “One Divine Law”.


The “totality” of the Archetypes manifests into the “One divine Law”.


Each Archetype constitutes a complete Unity and executes an independent action, both in the structure and the operation of the Universe.


Plato in his work “Timaeus” mentions that the “Immortal Gods” express the “aspects” of the “One Divine Law”.


The “Immortal Gods” of the ancient Greek Religion are the symbols of the Archetypes, i.e. the symbols of the “aspects” of the “One Divine Law”.


When the “One Divine Law” manifests itself, everyone bows. And this is a rule with no exception.


When the Immortal Gods express themselves, then an “aspect” of the “One divine Law” manifests itself.


The mortal beings respect the “One Divine Law”, because they do not possess the Knowledge of the “Law of Cause and Effect”, i.e. the Knowledge of the “One Divine Law”.


The wisest of the Sages (Socrates), when he taught on the matter of the “One Divine Law” / “Law of Cause and Effect” he mentioned: “I know one thing: that I know nothing”. Socrates was condemned to mortal death, winning at the same time Divine immortality.


Mortals respect the “Immortal Gods”, just like they respect the “One Divine Law” and this sense of respect has been infused into the ancient Greek tragedy.


The mythological history of each “Immortal God” reveals the properties of the “aspect” of the “One Divine Law”, which is expressed every time the “Immortal God” (Archetype) appears.


The “One Divine Law” traced through a purely human point of view, manifests itself unchanged and thus sometimes it is experienced as ruthless. But the “Divine Plan” must be implemented in its entirety, initially for the creation and afterwards for the regular functioning of the Universe.


The “One Divine Law”, i.e. the Word of the “Immortal Gods” cannot be altered by human emotional fluctuations.


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Comment by Philippos Tleemon on May 17, 2020 at 12:54am

Tris, thank you for your comment!

I am very glad that our views coincide.

Let me tell you that in the opinion of the Order <Ermeas TrisMegistos> the most difficult part of the Initiatory Path is the psychic level, because it can irreversibly disorient the Seeker by making them believe that they are on the right track while in fact they are lost in the mental channels of fanaticism.

The Order <Ermeas TrisMegistos> has a fixed reorientation compass and that compass is acceptance.

Thank you once again!

Comment by ☤Tris☤ on May 16, 2020 at 8:07am

This was great, thanks for posting. You know this in the same way many tend to misunderstand ancient egypt in saying (which is absolutely the case IMO also):

"Philosophy teaches us that the “One Divine Law” divided itself into “aspects”, which the science of Psychology calls Archetypes. Each Archetype constitutes one of the “aspects” of the “One Divine Law”. The “totality” of the Archetypes manifests into the “One divine Law”."

Thanks again

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