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Happy New Year! Special Astrology Report for 2015!

A very special Nuit Report forecasting the entire year of 2015!

We also cover this coming weekend and Full Moon! Big doin's!

The year starts with finishing up the major several years long episode of powerful change that we've had! What still needs to go? The Universe is inviting you to clear that way for your Divine Self to shine through!!! Is there any part of ourSelves that we are still fearful of, and perhaps closeting? We've got to manage that if we are to move forward into this year in full alignment with True Will.

We move into a square from Saturn-Neptune that invites us to consider our co-creative effects on that which manifests in our lives. Does the dream line up with reality? Are we living with artistry or just going along with the plan? Can we learn to re-define what "realistic" means? This square gets really cooking on Thanksgiving Day 2015, so we have the entire year almost to prepare!

Venus goes retro this year in Leo this July---a summer of Love! Can we become more aligned with the Heart? Do we live with passion? Are we getting our erotic needs met? (Eros=life force!)

We get 4 Eclipses this of which is the culminating Blood Moon eclipse that brings all the Lunar eclipses from 2014 on, to fruition. Blood Moons are about the Dark Goddess in her deeply sexual mysteries. Lilith also moves into Virgo, bringing fiery volcanic intensity and instinctual nature into focus. Do we connect Mind/Body/Spirit with Soul? What is the spiritual nature of sex? Do we try to hard to control and use Nature, or do we work with Her?

Watch the report to find out more!

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