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love is a precious jewel

which brings forth healing and renewal

love shines as bright as the sun

it flows through each and every one

it exists in timelessness forever flowing

tap into the hearts realm of inner knowing....

Imagine if all the people of all the world felt love

::::all at the same time::::

for one another,
for fathers and mothers,
sisters and brothers

for all of being
and all that we are seeing,
how tremendously freeing

would that be?

God brushed our hearts on the canvas of life

with golden hues of wisdom...

it is time to access that internal knowledge

let us visualize

:::global LOVE:::

~image linked~

in a moment of pure and powerful prolific proliferation

ripple our intention for love

let us manifest the law of attraction for

the elixer of eternity.

unabashed love

manifest manifest MANIFEST!

~image linked~

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