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Acceptance is the basis of the Esoteric Path

Science began its research, unaffected[1] by the mystic past of humanity.
Naturally, it is not possible to determine if the inspirations that the evolution of science was based on is unaffected by the initiatic tradition, since not even the inspired ones, would be able to answer this question.
​[1] C.G. Jung.

As science continues to investigate deeper and deeper the depths of Universe, the results of this exploration confirm repeatedly the theory of the initiatory path.
The strongest proof of this opinion is the properties of the 4+1 Pythagorean Elements, represented by the Platonic Solids.

Today, we know from Astrophysics that there are 4 fundamental interactions or fundamental forces describing the mechanism according to which elementary particles interact.
These four fundamental interactions/forces are:
Strong nuclear, and
Weak nuclear.

The integration of these four forces constitutes a fifth interaction.
Its existence has not yet been scientifically proved, but is one of the highest aspirations of Astrophysics currently.

The only combination which has been proved by scientists is of electromagnetic and the weak nuclear, called electroweak.

Respectively, according the Pythagorean philosophy, the 4+1 Elements that construct the Universe are:
Fire, and

At this point we should probably name a few aspects/opinions of correlation between the 4+1 interactions/forces and the 4+1 Pythagoreans Elements to identify their relationships.

There is no scientific substantiation on these propositions-opinions, since Pythagorean theory is part of Philosophy and not part of Science.

Albert Einstein once said: “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
So, through the imagination to which Albert Einstein refers, one might decide about the correctness of these propostions-opinions.

According the Pythagorean philosophy each one of the 4+1 Elements, that shaped the Cosmos, exist inside every Human being, allowing them to be what they are.

The property of material objects to attract and get attracted by others is called Gravity. Gravitational force is always attractive and mutual.

The attracted body moves with acceleration towards the attractor.
The force of attraction between two bodies we call weight, and is proportional to their mass and inversely proportional to their distance.

While on the surface of the earth, gravity pulls material objects and causes them to fall on its surface when on free fall.

Furthermore, gravity is the cause of existence of earth itself, of the sun and the rest of the stellar bodies. Without it, life would not exist as we know it.

Gravity is also responsible for the orbital trajectory of the earth and the other planets of our solar system around the sun, of the moon’s orbit around earth, the forming of tides, and other natural phenomena.

In correspondence to the Pythagorean tradition the Element of Earth gives:
permanence, to a form; to all the objects, and to the natural characteristics as well.

The Element of Earth dominates in all Sacred Thresholds (entrances) and therefore guides with stability each crossing attempt.

It provides solidity and permanence in monitoring each adult target.

Nevertheless, expressed negatively, it creates stereotyping, mental rigidity and thus blocking.

Electromagnetism is the field of Physics that studies phenomena directly or indirectly related to electrical charges and magnetic field sources.

Initially, it was believed that electricity and magnetism were two different phenomena; until the 19th century when Hans Christian Oersted observed that, approaching a compass to a conduit run by electric current, the magnetic needle of the compass was unexpectedly oriented perpendicularly to the conduit.
Then it became clear that electricity and magnetism there were not two separate phenomena, but one: electromagnetism.

The integration of these two phenomena was made by James Clerk Maxwell by his four famous equations, which have since named after him (Maxwell's equations).

Likewise, the Element of Water can be found in anything that moves and changes constantly.

The action of the Water Element causes:
close synergies.

It offers emotionally effective participation and progress.
It provides compassion, sympathy, adult truth, and adult love.

Expressed negatively, creates uncertain egocentric actions.

The understanding of one man by another, through resonance, happens thanks to the Water Element.

Also, the fluidness of the psychic level, namely moods, emotions and sensations, is due to the Element of Water.

The weak nuclear force, in the standard model of particle physics, contributes to the sub-particle cohesion of the core and is associated with radiation, i.e. electromagnetic radiation.

Specifically, in contrast to the strong force, weak nuclear force contributes to the decay of the core by emitting particles and hence is associated with radioactivity.

Likewise, the Element of Air is experienced everywhere in the Universe.

At a terrestrial level is experienced in each place in which there is breathable air.

The Element of Air manifests in everything that:
expands endlessly,
exceeds its boundaries,
exist everywhere.

The Element of Air offers adult freedom, adult creative extensions and expansion of non-egocentric ‘ego’ to conquer the consciousness of the 'Self' and of other people.

Expressed negatively creates illusions, delusions and enlargement of egocentricity.

The Elements of Water and Air are the two fluid Elements of Creation and relate with the level of psyche.

The strong nuclear interaction acts only directly on the elementary particles as nuclear force and thus contributes to the cohesion of the core.

Respectively, the Element of Fire, influence by:
allowing total alteration.

The Element of Fire provides consciousness energy and thus promotes the manifestation of life.

On an individual level promotes active advancement to the spiritual level providing awareness energy and adult enthusiasm.

By contrast, expressed negatively, it creates confusion resulting to the promotion of vain childish actions.

The Element of Fire modulates the waves of the various energies, so as to allow the existence of: light, heat, air-mater and water-mater.

Major part of the research in the field of theoretical physics today is focused on the unification of these four interactions/forces and discovery of the Law, which governs and keeps stable the whole Universe.

This Law, in Astrophysics is called ionized free energy or electromagnetic chaos.

Respectively the Element of Ether which existed before the 4 Elements and therefore, with its action, controls primarily the operation of the 4 manifested Elements, and secondly mobilizes and controls the process of transcendence of experiencing the manifested creation, through the 4 manifested Elements.

It is the condition from which the Big Bang emerged, according to Physics.

It also provides essential indications in order to achieve progress on the material level and the astral plane, with the aim to reach the spiritual field.

As I just mentioned, in Pythagorean philosophy, both man and the universe unfolds in three levels:
Soma (Body) or material level,
Psyche (Soul) or astral level, and
Pneuma (Spirit) or spiritual level.

Let me give little information on the properties of each level according to the Pythagorean Philosophy.

Soma (Body) or Material level is easily recognizable because it is tangible and therefore there is no doubt of its existence.

Living body is considered that which runs counter to the increase of entropy and therefore increases the order of the universe.

Psyche (Soul) or the Psychic level, or according the Initiatic Tradition the Astral plane, is the sum of emotional and cognitive functions.

Everything a human experiences, feels and thinks, belong to the soul.

Besides humans, souls have also the animals and the plants, although in different levels of development/complexity.

The psychic level is governed by the principal of bipolarity (dyad), the poles within which life vibrates (created creation).

Bipolarity is deployed to multi-polarity, with life vibrating always between two opposite poles (dipole).

Pneuma (Spirit) or spiritual level is everything that makes up the Divine Law, out of which emanates the Divine Plan for achieving the created (manifested) creation.

Plato’s World of Ideas or World of Archetypes, are names that the Divine Plan is known by.

The Spiritual Archetypes are not governed initially by the principle of polarity, in other words they are governed by Unity (Indivisibility), hence the Unit.

However in the course of the evolution of creation, each Archetype unfolded in two opposite poles within which life vibrates.

The center of the Divine Plan consists of the One Law (Law of Divine Harmony) according to which both the uncreated (Plato's world of Ideas) and the created (manifested) creation unfold.

The One Law (Law of Divine Harmony) is the first manifestation of the whole of the Divine Essence, which is identified with the number Zero - 0.

The One Spiritual Law should not be confused with the Element of Ether.

From this One Law the Archetypes emerged, while from Ether emerged the 4 Elements.

These are different levels.

According to the Pythagorean and Alchemical traditions, every human contains, in the center of his individuality, immutable Divine Essence which is simultaneously part and whole of the Universal Divine Essence.

When an Alchemist or Pythagorean Seeker comes in contact with their individual Divine Essence, they come at the same time in contact with the universal Divine Essence, because as already mentioned their individual Divine Essence is at the same time, part and whole of the universal Divine Essence.

Another well-known name of the individual Divine Essence is: Innermost Self.

The purpose of each Alchemist or Pythagorean Seeker is to enter the Elysian Fields and experience:
the Archetypes,
the One Law, and
the Divine Essence, through contact with their inner self.

There are many different paths of self-awareness.
Some are Esoteric while others are not.
Some are experiential, while others are not.
At this point we will refer to verbal symbols, which the Myths are.

Myths occur all around the World and in all self-awareness paths.

Plutarch writes “Myth is the broken mirror of the truth”.

Also, Jean Mallinger[2] states that “by analogy, myth is like the Rainbow, which is the reflection[3] of the Light of the sun, whose rays are refracted in the clouds”.

However, it is possible to collect the fragments of this broken mirror, to get them closer and thus to reconstruct the original image.

[2] The proportional correlation is from his book “Notes on the esoteric secrets of the Pythagoreans”.
[3] More specifically, when light passes through a triangular prism, three phenomena occur: a) Reflection, b) Refraction, and c) Analysis.

“Symbols”, also according to Jean Mallinger[4], “have the character of the most obvious reality meaning they instruct everywhere and always the same teaching”.

Plutarch adds: “the first more obscure, the other more clearly, guide all together the Human intellect towards divine concerns”.
[4] Idem, his book “Notes on the esoteric secrets of the Pythagoreans”.

We will now refer to the verbal symbol of myths in order to find the information we seek.

In particular we will refer to a myth, which describes the journey of a man who in the end achieved Initiation.

Heracles was one of the humans who managed to become messmate with the Gods.

In the frame of his initiatory path, he got the order to kill the Lernaean Hydra.

The Goddess Hera gave commands to Hercules through the king of Tiryns, Eurystheus. Hera is a symbol of the strict aspect of the Great Mother.

Heracles, as his name explains (Hera + Kleos = glory of Hera), glorified Goddess Hera through his actions, through his Labors, i.e. through his awareness.

The monster Hydra safeguarded the entrance of the underworld, in other words the entrance of the collective unconscious, not allowing anyone to cross it.

The Underworld in ancient Greek Tradition is one of the symbolisms of the collective unconscious.

Ruler of the underworld is Pluto; brother of god Zeus.

Pluto is also sovereign of the Mysteries, which lead to the collective unconscious.

At Eleusis, the first Sanctuary the visitor meets is the Plutonium.
The temple in which the Holy Mysteries took place followed.

The Mystical Theosis is a step after the experience of the collective unconscious i.e. is a step after the descent into the underworld.

Every human being is asked to experience the collective unconscious and then he may become messmate with the Gods.

In another myth, Persephone ascends from the underworld to descend again, as the soul of every human does until this human soul experiences underworld’s Laws, namely the Archetypes.

In the verbal symbol of the Myth of Hercules, Hydra represents the 'egocentric' part of every man or in other words his neurosis.

The monster was hidden in a cave with two openings from where it exits in order to stir the waters of the lake in front of the entrance of the underworld.

The lake symbolizes wonderfully the personal unconscious, while the cave with two openings symbolizes the bipolarity of the psychic level, in other words its ambivalence.

Moreover, Hydra is a monster with many heads; heads that have the following property: 'if someone cuts one, two more spring out in its place'.

If someone tries to cut something repressed, under the influence of superego, i.e. forcibly, it swells and becomes stronger, to oppress him even more.

The myth narrates that Hercules, sealed one of the inlets, and then threw arrows of fire inside the cave to force the beast to come out, so he may see it and then slay it.

By analogy, every man is called to stand boldly in front of everything he has repressed, recognize it, and then try to neutralize it.

Athena sends a message to Hercules through Iolaus.
She advises him to burn each head that he cuts.

Therefore the Demigod receives the knowledge from Goddess Athena, symbol of the Archetype of Wisdom in other words of consciousness.

The Myth teaches us that: when one man, in an adult way, succeeds in defusing repressed psychic sides, through psychotherapeutic procedures, he then has the opportunity to dive, as Hercules did, his arrows in the venom of the beast, transforming the psychic strength of his egocentric part, in other words his neurosis, from his oppressor into productive energy for achieving a goal of any adult objective; in other words he can turn a hostile weapon into a beneficial tool.

The Myth says that the beast prevented the entry and descent to the underworld.
With the underworld, as mentioned above, ancient cults symbolize the collective unconscious, which every aspirant is asked to experience in order to become partaker of its knowledge.

So, when someone is able to realize the aspects of his neurosis, that is to master his own Cerberus, as Hercules did on his twelfth (ultimate) labor, then he will be able to gain direct communication with the underworld, the collective unconscious, and thus will manage to become messmate of the Gods and taste the ambrosia and nectar, i.e. the real knowledge.

But for someone to enter the Elysian Fields, they must first be psychically complete, this means that they have to unite their conscious with their unconscious part or as Alchemy states become an androgynous human.

Androgynοus is the human who has achieved awareness of his entire psyche, in other words someone who has joined his male-conscious part with his feminine-unconscious part.

The culmination of this alchemical process is the union of the conscious part with the center of the psychism of the individual, i.e. the center of his unconscious.

Jung named the center, Animus for the females, and Anima for the males.

Therefore, homo androgynous is a symbol of transmutation, of a coarse human being into a complete person, who can then boldly knock the door of the Mysteries, hoping that they will be revealed to them.

Both the androgynous person and the conscious person, while in absolute contact with their egocentric emotional charges, are asked to operate unaffected by them; resulting in a human that acts in an adult way and thus lives in happiness.

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