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What is equality in death, and recognition in death?
One chooses their will upon death, this includes the elder they wish to honour their passing. The ashes of their body reside within the alter one prays to. When that elder, chieftain, great one (both natural AND self-elect) dies, those who have elected them are dispersed to their final wish. The ceremony for this elder is not greater for the self, but for the honour which they represent, the commonwealth. This is honour and equity. In it is the design to honour a life passed, when the will of the deceased may return at any time, the duty of the living to spread ashes as accords the will. It is honouring the elder, however
If one must create an auspicious moment, may they receive misfortune if they take the opportunity over honour. May elders have judgment over fortune, if one honours and in doing incurs a loss of opportunity. The core question here is whether one has stages from initiation to high-level opportunity by adept opportunities which serve as a self-election for entry to the high-level opportunity. Here, the opportunity provided by judgment is more concerned with place and total relationships than specific opportunity which is only a gateway to the highest opportunities. Thus, one considers the value of the related connexions, whether meaning relative to the dead, mountain climbing, river restoration, horseback riding or scuba diving. By forming the situation, the elder creates the vision quest, which builds the context of the pursuit towards a given opportunity.

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