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How Can Nature's Sanctuary Be Unlocked?

“In all ages and in every land and clime there are progressive souls whose spiritual vision pierces the murky clouds of dogmatic illusion with which priestcraft and statecraft have ever sought to obscure the sun of divine truth. These bold aspirants to esoteric wisdom have the courage to burst the fetters that chain them to the lifeless creeds which are forced upon a benighted world. They free themselves from the thralldom of prejudice, and from that of servility to popular opinion. They intrepidly turn their faces from the blackness of the dead ages to knock resolutely at the door of the Temple of Knowledge. They realize that only within the sacred precincts of nature’s sanctuary burn the altar fires whose light produces the shadowy illusions which are believed by the multitudes who worship them to be the only reality. And they learn that this sanctuary may be unlocked only by the use of two keys. (P. 18).​ ​

​“King Solomon’s Temple has two doors; so also, there are​ two doors to its oracle. He who would enter either must possess their respective keys. The door on the right is opened only with the aid of a golden key; that on the left requires a key of silver. These same two keys with which the outer doors of the temple may be unlocked will also open the doors of the oracle; but the keys that are turned from right to left in the outer doors must be turned from left to right to unlock the inner.”

C.C. Zain, Astrological Signatures, Chapter 1

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