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How Do I Draw Sacred Geometry? 

So, you’ve been struck by the power and harmony of nature.  Maybe you’ve taken a course with us.  And you’re wanting to remember how to create these designs of magic and wonder…

Well, fret not dear friend.  Here you’ll find all the info you need to create some of the essential designs of Sacred Geometry, with just a compass and a straightedge.

All of these designs are covered in the Shape of Creation – Sacred Geometry Levels I & II Course.  Here are easy to access notes for drawing these shapes on your own.

How to Draw the Seed of Life:

instructions - seed of life-01

How to Draw the Pentagon

instructions - pentagon-01

How to Draw a Heptagon (7 sides):

instructions - heptagon-01

How to Draw a Nonagon (9 sides):

instructions - nonagon-01

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