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Finding myself at EO, I started to dig through all of the searching I did after my own NDE...I think this was from Hall and assisted me in my search greatly.  I have read and watched and meditated on much, but this info really confirmed what I was feeling was not some fantasy.  Perhaps it will do the same for someone here, with that hope in mind please enjoy.

"The initiate system, prevailing in Egypt, was based upon one tremendous point, that the individual should learn factually, actually, and beyond question through personal experience that death is an illusion. Immortality is the summit of man's problem. They had developed a science by which they could communicate the fact, example, and circumstance of death directly to another person. In other words, the initiates of the Mystery Schools, were persons who had lived, died, and been born again in this world.

That immortality is demonstrable is beyond question, not as the result of communication, not because certain famous personalities said they believed it, or because it was written in a sacred book. But because the individual who believed it had died, passed through the experience, and come back to life.

This was the burden of the Mystery Schools, to prove conclusively that death was not the end of anything. Immortality was something that could not be denied for it had been an actual experience in the life of the initiate of the mysteries.

The ancient philosophy of life was built upon the internality of life. Life was a matter of everlastingness and there was no end to it. In the mysteries the candidate went through it himself as an actual fact. That is to say an initiate passed through the thresh hold of death, beheld the spirits dwelling therein and returned again. The individual then knew the truth of immortality not because of faith or belief, but because with the right ceremonies and esoteric practices in the temple (Cheops,) he had lived through it and come back alive; came out of darkness into the light, and knew as a certainty beyond question that there was no death.

The main point was to establish the reality of survival and its associated consciousness, or the concept of the rebirth. Rebirth is simply immortality spaced out, part of the everlasting, ever lovingness of everything that exists. The ancients had very little fear of death. This world was seen as the antechamber of eternity.

Alexandrian mystics referred to the Great Pyramid as the tomb of Hermes. But it was not a tomb. It was a symbol of the gateway to the other world and the way of return. In its inner chambers an initiation rite was sustained by use of esoteric skills and powers little known at the present time.

It was believed to be the tomb of wisdom, the House of the Hidden Places. This mysterious structure may be seen as a monument to eternity. Eternity is not a long period of Time, but another dimension. It was the House of the Second Birth. Porphyry and Plotinus held that the human body comes out of a womb and then becomes the womb of the second birth for the individual who attains enlightenment, having transcended the limitations of the body. Those who did not achieve this were born into an unembodied state at the end of life. This pattern is regarded as part of predictable, natural, universal law.

The significance of the realization that there is no termination, no end, that the labors of a life are never lost. The achievements of a life are ever necessary. The individual who thought his virtues would die with him, and the ones who thought their vices would be forgotten at death are wrong.

There is an interruption in the place, but not the state of individual consciousness. There is an interruption between the individual and the material body, but no interruption of the continuity of life within that body.

The mystic concept of life was that there were two ways of growing. One; to grow slowly by cause and effect over hundreds of lifetimes, where, by the labors of living, the world becomes a place of initiation; and two;the wise man's way: to pass through death by conscious intent and purification, and thereby experience the mystery of the whole cycle in one embodiment. To accomplish the latter, one lifetime must be accompanied by the accomplishments of hundreds of lifetimes in this one embodiment. This is not just a short cut, but a gathering up, intensifying, and quickening of the natural process of human generation.

And so we come back to the exemplar known as Jesus the Christ, who is said inRevelations 11:8 to have been crucified in Egypt. What form does this crucifixion take ? Not the gruesome scenario where the Son of God is tortured prior to being murdered while staked onto a cross, but a ceremonial crucifixion as practiced in the Mystery School at Giza, within the walls of the Great Pyramid.


In this ceremony, which is at once an initiation and the ultimate test of the control of consciousness, the candidate for initiation, having fasted and meditated properly, takes his place upon the altar of the cross, which is like a table in the form of the Roman numeral X. We would say 'spread eagle.' There, 12 priests, each attired in the robe of their degree, wearing headgear representing the signs of the zodiac, and being in ritually correct position, begin a chant. This chant ( which may also be deemed a mantrum, a sound, a tonality, the word that was good in the beginning,) creates a resonance, amplified by the stone of the chamber, which facilitates the candidate's journey inward to higher planes of mentation.

The candidate for initiation then self induces, through breath control and training, what may be called a cataleptic state. His heartbeat slows down and is suspended, and his breathing stops. In addition there is the intentional stopping of the spontaneous activity of the mind, i.e. thought. This may be likened to a breathless pause. Thus freed from attachment to the body, the spirit body draws within and enters realms of higher levels of mentation where it takes instruction from the great masters of consciousness.

As defined by Swami Vivekananda of the Vedanta Society of the Ramakrishna Mission this is a state of supersensual access to realms of superconscious mentation

This bestows the positive acquisition of metaphysical knowledge and superphysical power. The candidate remains in this state for three days. As it returns to the physical, as it descends from the planes of higher consciousness, marks are placed upon the spirit body to indicate the degrees of experience achieved. As the spirit re-animates the body these marks appear in the flesh. They are called stigmata. One who has done this successfully becomes Christed. Christ is a title, not a name. Jesus the Christ. The most successful one among the many."

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Comment by Zin~Uru on September 19, 2014 at 12:08am

The best I would be able to share is - my female twin soul took over, while my male TS stood watch.  See "Lovers" card.   My gripe with NDE studies is all the fluff in the room...the effects are in the integration in the years that follow: and despite being in a hospital for a month, the integration is more of a challenge.    Thanks for the note...let me know if you have any questions.  I'd love to share what I can.

Comment by Albert on September 18, 2014 at 3:26pm


If you were comfortable and you would feel it no imposition, I would love to know your experience and mostly what you feel that it communicates to you.

If you weren't comfortable communicating this on the forum contact me and I would love to chat to understand more as I have never had and NDE however I have had other experiences causing my interest to be peaked by the Mystery School traditions and NDE.

Sincerely and thank you.

Comment by Zin~Uru on September 13, 2014 at 11:02pm


That is the reason I posted the Flatliners case you missed the connect.  It seems reasonable to assume elite Edu. Organizations (Skull and Bones etc etc) have been at it for years.  Making the concept of the movie deeper than you might find with a quick glance.  Perhaps the movie is a warning that without doing the base work, crossing over can be fatal/dark.  Perhaps a lesson on clearing old shitty Karma (doing the work) before crossing.  I dunno...but it's clear the very question you ask was in play in 1990...and seems to be again at Columbia pics.

Flatliners is a great movie to remake, by the way. The original is fine, but certainly nothing sacred. Meanwhile, the high concept (medical students experimenting with bringing themselves to near death) offers a remake many opportunities to distinguish itself. Columbia Pictures has been trying to get this project off the ground for quite some time. It now looks like that might actually happen.

I'll be interested to see if Columbia has anything new to reveal 

Comment by Kris on September 13, 2014 at 3:23pm

Zin~Uru, thank you for sharing such sage advice/information!  This is quite enlightening and inspiring!  Truly this resonates strongly with my experience and research!  Well written and insightful.  My question is can it be done solo or do you need to have the proper place?  I would guess that it could be but that it is best/ most likely success when doing it in such a chamber, with such support.  

I recall that many systems used a NDE, such as the samurai, who used this technique to make their warriors have no fear of dying and thus fight like super-men.  Makes me think of the Hari-kari (suicide) that so many did in order to save face...perhaps they knew things that we have forgotten in our "civilization'.  

Comment by Zin~Uru on September 12, 2014 at 8:48am

you cannot imagine how fun it is for me to share this information...thanks for checking it out and commenting.  I have been "in the cave" for nearly two years absorbing this change...picking the scabs of my own stigmata.  

Zin~Uru is my real given by Thoth...with the blessings of Isis as they greeted me in birth----it's a long story ;-)

Comment by anki on September 12, 2014 at 3:19am

wow just wow. i now have a very different idea of crucification that does match with the ancient meaning of the cross. as well as the purification of the soul. beautiful text.

thank you for sharing this,

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