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Is Alchemy evil?  No.  Alchemy is an esoteric science, from which all contemporary exoteric sciences find their root.  With regard to evil, it has been my experience what is defined as being evil can very much depend upon one’s perspective.  In religious terms, if something stands in opposition to something that is perceived or assumed to be “Good” or of/from God, that thing (or person) is often considered evil.  In this regard, I should warn you that any serious pursuit of Alchemy will eventually lead you toward a study of astrotheology, mythology, archaeology, and the collective narratives left to us by our ancient ancestors; and to view them from a perennial perspective.  This course of study will redefine how you perceive scripture, often leading to a crisis of faith should you be a literalist and approach scripture from a fundamental point of view.  In a very real sense, this crisis mirrors the observation of Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:11 wherein the thoughts and actions of childhood are replaced with a more mature perspective. From the standpoint of one bound to a fundamental interpretation of scripture (or any mythology), any who deny the efficacy of scripture is inherently evil (or aligned with evil).   It’s not always easy to put away our illusions, but in the end it is better and more rewarding to see things as they are rather than through the lens of literalism; or so has been my own experience.

At this point I should point out that my study of Alchemy replaced my own literalist views of the world, freeing me and allowing me to abandon the childish and narcissistic perspective of orthodox fundamentalism and exchange them for a quiet and profound sense of the divine.  Perhaps the most amazing aspect of having come to this sense of the divine is that it was never the object of my study to develop such a sense, especially following my own crisis of faith.  Nevertheless, there it is, and it presents itself without requirement.  Meaning that all the trappings of religion, the idea of “Sin,” the need for repentance, and the necessity for atonement simply vanish like a vaporous mist and are replaced with a deep and calm sense of love and the desire to share that feeling with others through acts of service, caring, and kindness.    

In the end, anyone who truly pursues a course of study in Alchemy will discover this to be the eventual outcome, for one cannot deconstruct their cognitive processes

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