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Israel Regardie -- Thelemite or Rosicrucian?

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Comment by Being on July 19, 2012 at 6:31pm

I can only give you this blog that I have already put on a while ago. His life you know you can look up but this is good advise on what to read and approach in his Golden Dawn book.
There are so many good books to start with. There is also the study of The Tarot. A group with a forum BOTA for a small fee will mail you Tarot Lessons . The first years lessons are very valuable. Paul Case wrote the lessons. When they send you Ann Davis his successors writings some are good and some are not dependable. Any writings by Paul Case or A.E.Waite are solidly trustable. There is a Bota Deck that is good, but a beginner should use and get used to the Ryder Waite deck. The symbolism is excellent and on the mark. The Golden Dawn has a deck and Thoth court cards are very good. Many new people have put out decks and do not really realize the importance of every symbol. So it is the Ryder Waite deck. But Paul Cases Book of Tokens. And his book "The Tarot".
I wouldn't do any magic if you do not know what you are doing. After studying a while things will happen around you and you will become more aware of magical coincidences. There are invocations and banishment with The Earth Pentagram only that you can start your day with i.e. invocation (bringing up the light) and banishment at the end of the day. That is all to start with.

Meanwhile get Israel Regardie book titled. The Golden Dawn. Start reading "The Knowledge Lectures in Book I. found in pages 99-227. This has great value. Read, ruminate and meditate on them. They are a valuable collection of Cabalistic Principles. Mainly basic Knowledge material . Try to recognize what is Astral stuff and read it but leave that alone.

Book II is a series of Rituals...That is for later on. but read through to get the idea of what is in there. It is good to "know" The Temple Setup, what The Temple looks like. There is a Neophyte Ritual followed by 4 elemental rituals, followed by the POrtal Ritual and the entrance to the Vault of the Adept. (Talk and description of the vault.)

Manny Hall has a book called "The Secret Teachings of All The Ages." Sometimes it is out in a soft cover. The hard covers are expensive. He gives an overall of all the Mystical belief systems through the ages. It helps to have this perspective.

Back to Israel Regardies Golden Dawn Book which has many book parts.
Book III is important and interesting . Descriptions o f the Ritual of the Pentagram and Hexagram. The Pentagram of Earth is safe and beneficial. That is what I recommend that you start at one point. But not unless you plan to continue it always. It means that you take responsibility for bringing up the Light in your life and in the World. You banish at night when going to bed. You discharge the charge so to speak. You will invoke the next AM upon arising so you don't want to carry double charges or more. Each person can carry so much force according to where they are at and what they are used to.

Then there is a series of instructions for the creation of magical instruments..Save that for when you are ready to do it and know what you are doing. A True Heart is needed.

Then, papers useful after the Neophyte Ritual are the Z1, Z2,Z3 which are descriptions of the symbolism of the Temple.

There is a series of Magic Rituals. Do stay away now from any invocations. Stay away from invisibility, stay away from transformation.

Okay-Spiritual development.
Read the Bornless Ritual for the invocations of the Higher Genius but don't do it until a later time when you have developed/ processed yourself enough.
Don't worry about the occult Angelic names.

Book IV is a kind of collection. It begins the Astral stuff like clairvoyance, talisman charms etc. Stay away. Many on this forum do much of this. I do not. You see "White Magic" or HIGH MAGIC is done through and for you for the benefit of all. What you have to do is become "receptive" to the Higher Will that will work through and for you. Cabala means receptivity. To be humble and cleared so that this Will can come through you.

Geomancy- Divination by Earth...browse, read but don't do now.

2. ***The Tarot System of the Golden Dawn Book IV pgs. 137-215 Study and try out .

Then, The Tree Of Life and Tarot pgs 218 - 257* get into it.

Leave alone for now and quiite a while- The Enouchian System and The Angelic Language. It is remarkable but not reliable.

There is such a thing as self initiation. Later you might use all this info to device your own. Or much wiser seek a reliable teacher or school to initiate you. Without True Heart. understanding and earnesty any initiation , even a formal one, may have no meaning or power.

Israel Regardie has put out another book called; The Complete Golden Dawn system of Magic. It has Tarot meaning and other stuff very informative and interesting. Please do not do anything that might be harmful to yourself. The Path to Wisdom will make you a magician .
Magic that's High Magic is Universal and for the good of Mankind and all. Anything that is stuck in the "particular of life on Earth or Black magic like give me $ or power or love or revenge etc.

So this info should help for a while. i wrote this up from my notes but actually this was advice given to me years ago,from my teacher "Vel" the founder of "The School of Mystical Sciences. The rest is up to you!

Comment by Daniel Silversun on July 19, 2012 at 2:59pm
Comment by Being on July 19, 2012 at 1:27pm

But I would go with steve if I had to. Rosicrucian.

Comment by Being on July 19, 2012 at 1:26pm

I just enjoy his writings and am thankful that he put oout The golden Dawn for those who care to get even more than insight. He was a gift to me! That's what he is.

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