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It does not take much to be Kind: a full Heart

Our Instinct is Kindness. Be the Change you want to see in the world. What if we all took the Time to be Kind? An incredible video shows the impact of change. Please watch.

Video from KarmaTube

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Comment by SwanRa on May 7, 2013 at 4:53pm

Thanks Paz.  It is also healing to watch this film. Science knows we are flooded with endorphins when we are kind to others....but also those watching someone being kind also get flooded with endorphins!

“Kindness in words creates confidence

Kindness in Thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in Giving creates love.”

(Lao Tzu 604-531BC)


Comment by SwanRa on May 4, 2013 at 6:15pm

I could not stop crying through out this takes so little effort from our "self important" schedules and its hypnotism to be kind .....but it does start with being KIND TO SELF...and holding this energy and those in your path are given an opportunity to do the same.

I was having a good day but inside was turmoil. I had to keep working to find beauty.


Yesterday, a man with Rosacea, a skin disorder that causes the face to have rose colored blotches, did me such a kindness. I realized if I had not considered him beyond the "face" he was presenting - he may not have been able to create a kindness to me that I needed.

I saw in him his beauty.  What I saw was that HE IS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!! I know he felt ACCEPTED. I realized I could not have seen this in him if I had not found this place in me....I did this despite circumstances or maybe because of them. !!! 

What I know about Rosacea is that it is the sign of the Rose. In ancient times we would have left food at his door and other offerings because he bore the mark of the ROSE physically. While I did not tell him this my mirror neurons communicated this to his.

Our society creates shame around "difference".  He looked me square in the eye and we acknowledged each other as beautiful equals and he give me something back of value.

The rose has the highest healing vibration on the planet. This man is a healer. His lesson is learning this....despite what convention says about his "physical" appearance and the shame he was taught.  We were all taught so much shame.He taught me that I am a healer.

And, he healed me!!  The gift we can give is to confirm each other's value. I did this for him and in the so doing he mirrored back mine....he created an act of kindness that I am a day later still resonating with the gratitude.

I share this because it was a water shed experience for me. I DID NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. The gift he gave me was to understand my power of holding the INNER beauty of me no matter what is going on and therefore give this gift to all I SEE. HE MIRRORED THIS BACK.

We are all in such need of kindness. This was such an example of love beyond conditioning.

This is bringing Heaven to Earth....

Blessings.....and thank you.

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