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Occultism is not magic, though magic is one of its tools.
Occultism is not the acquirement of powers, whether psychic or
intellectual, though both are its servants. Neither is occultism the pursuit
of happiness, as men understand the word, for the first step is
sacrifice, the second, renunciation.

"Occultism is the science of life,the art of living. The whole world is animated

and lit, down to its most material shapes, by a world within it. This inner world

is called Astral by some people, and it is as good a word as any other,

though it merely means starry; but the stars, as Locke pointed out, are luminous
bodies which give light of themselves. This quality is characteristic
of the life which lies within matter; for those who see it, need no
lamp to see it by. The word star, moreover, is derived from the
Anglo-Saxon" stir-an," to steer, to stir, to move, and undeniably it is
the inner life which is master of the outer, just as a man's brain
guides the movements of his lips. So that although Astral is no very
excellent word in itself, I am content to use it for my present purpose.
The whole of "Light on the Path" is written in an astral cipher and
can therefore only be deciphered by one who reads astrally. And its
teaching. is chiefly directed towards the cultivation and development
of the astral life.No man desires to see that light which illumines the

spaceless soul until pain and sorrow and despair have driven him away from the life of
ordinary humanity. First he wears out pleasure j then he wears out pain
-till, at last, his eyes become incapable of tears.
To be incapable of tears is to have faced and conquered the simple human
nature, and to have attained an equilibrium which cannot be shaken by
personal emotions.Harmony is the law of life, discord its shadow, whence springs suffering,
the teacher, the awakener of consciousness.Through joy and sorrow,

pain and pleasure, the soul comes to a knowledge of itself; then begins the task of learning.

the laws of life,that the discords may be resolved, and the harmony be restored.
The eyes of wisdom are like the ocean depths; there is neither joy
nor sorrow in them; therefore the soul of the occultist must become
stronger than joy, and greater than sorrow."

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Comment by anki on January 10, 2015 at 8:18am

beautifully said. its all about harmony with nature indeed. balance and harmony

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