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Life is but a dream

Life is but a dream, from Row row row your boat. Lets investigate this deeper. "Life is but a dream" I look around at everything that is created by humanity and I see a deeper truth that lies within each object. The truth is that everything that we have created has sprung from a thought. It was thought that created all that we know. When we are dreaming and creating within the mind, are we really creating alternate realities and or dimensions / universes? When we look in a mirror what are we seeing? Is this is really us? I have come to the conclusion that it is not. If you look at yourself and you have a good of idea of what you are and who you are, take yourself or The Self out of the picture what do you have left?...The body, now as you stare at yourself in a mirror continue to disregard self and ask yourself, who is it that is really looking? The eyes? The mind?...if you want to get to the mind of God. look at your entire life, your being and picture it without "You". Then get rid of the physical self and you will realize all that is left is perception. But whose perception is it? Go ahead ask yourself. You will find that you, me, your job everything is an illusion. That everything in life is the product of mental projection, and there you will find what we call "God".

Here is the problem of today, this is not conspiracy this is fact the truth of what is really going on in our world. There was a time where people realized that we could connect with the divine because of the truths that they realized. But in modern times we have been conditioned to forget how to connect to God or the God Consciousness. All we need to do is just come to the realization that everything thing you know and believe, that you see and not real. We are projections of the God Mind. I challenge anyone to take the time to get in touch with this consciousness and you will realize that all your fears, emotions, thoughts and feeling do not matter...then and only then will you be truly free.

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