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Lion Gate Opening from August 8 thru to August 12 2013

Intense Light Activation the next four days.....the MerKaBa or Light Body is Purifying all in the Cosmos, Gaia and all beings in all the realms. If you feel a throbbing in your face and temporal lobes...this is the what is supposed to be happening.  Meditate with this LIGHT: It is the Light of Bringing into Being.

This activation began on 8 8 2001 and will continue through 2015.

8 8 (2015 = 17 or 8) - 8 8 8

It is about achieving more of the Nature of the Universe: Balance


8:8 Gateway: The Lions Gate 8 (inner): 8 (outer) Justice

 The Power of 8: Archetype of Justice or the H Rune of

Bringing Into Being


Each year when Sirius rises on July 23rd a Gateway of Light opens.

This Light stimulates the Galactic Center and “Brings Into Being” thus activates the Double or Star Tetrahedron found within Gaia and the 8 Original Cells of our Body, Heart, and Face.

This regenerates our Intuition, Senses, Imagination and our Inner MUSIC


Yin Yang Tao Crop Circle of 07.07.07

“The 12 ornaments around the Yin-Yang resemble

the Chinese character丰 feng, which means "abundance".”

(Annie Pecheva)

“The two circles signify the two becoming one.

The 12 outer Constellations create a Synergy that is the

13th Constellation: Ophiuchus.” Nancy Di Giorgio


08.08.08 a figure 8 or , i.e. Infinity appeared


In July 2012, this Crop Circle appeared of The Merkaba, or Star Tetrahedron appeared.

Triangle up signifying the Masculine and the Triangle down the Feminine

This Star Gate of the Lion opens on August 8 and closes on August 12. It actives the Ideals represented by Osiris, Odin, Jesus and Arthur’s Table of 12 or the Twelve Constellations of the Zodiac found in each of our own Astrological Chart.

Center is the Grand Cross and the Zodiac Cross Together


These Constellations and the Ideals they represent are Osiris, Odin, Jesus and Arthur’s Table of 12. Each man occupied the 13th seat.  The Rebirth of the Ego is Ophiuchus. He is the Serpent Holder or one who is in the Balance of his Feminine, Masculine Energy thus a Justice of the Peace whom respects all Life.  


Snake Handler: Lucky #13

Ophiuchus, the 13th Constellation, is the Synergy of the 12 Constellations

and Ideals representing a positive Ego in Dominion with the 5 Elements.


Each of the 12 Crystal Skulls represents the grounding of this energy to Earth.

The Crystal Skulls Represent Our Spiritual Evolution through each Constellation to create the

Synergy of 13: Bringing Heaven to Earth


The 13th Skull is the Energy of Ophiuchus, the 13th Constellation: Justice for All:

Being a Justice of the Peace. When we choose Justice we are Being the 6th Element.


We are meant to embody Ophiuchus, to sit in the 13th seat and emanate the energy of the 13th Skull – to shine this Light of Justice from our Face and Body



((c) Being the 6th Element by An of Music

aka Nancy Di Giorgio, Swan. 

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Comment by Adam Kadmon on August 7, 2013 at 3:52pm

Beautiful Swan!...LoveLight n'Blessings!!!

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