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In the age that we are experiencing in this life one thing is necessary. If we are to survive through this cataclysm as a race and as a society, we must be willing and able to act in love. If we cannot accomplish this we fall victim to the powers of deceit evil and hatred. This will taint the soul and cause disconnect in society. Live simply, and in a loving nature, and you will find true peace in this life. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to discontent.

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Comment by Elerman on February 4, 2017 at 8:18pm

I believe that we, as a Mystical and Enlightened community hold real value to the way the planet will develop over the next century. I feel that we as a group of light masters can create world peace all at the same time.

Just imagine our group, as a collective source showering its love and peace and protection out into the either- we can change the world too. I have been thinking abut this for a while.

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