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Malkuth The King/Queendom, first draft

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Malkuth, Kingdom, Kingship, Queendom
Sandalphon, Cherubim
Carbon. The Circled Cross, Cube
Fool, Moon, World

“Just as God fills the entire universe, the soul fills the entire body. Just as God sees but cannot be seen, the soul sees but cannot be seen. Just as God sustains the entire universe, the soul sustains the entire body. Just as God is pure, the soul is pure. Just as God dwells within the chamber of chambers, the soul dwells within the chamber of chambers. Let she who possesses these five qualities come and praise the One who also possesses these same five qualities.”


--Babylonian Talmud (B’rachot 81a)

The Four Fold Division

The tenth emanation is commonly called Malkuth. In English this is often known as Kingdom or Kingship. It can equally be known as Queendom. The symbol for this emanation is the circled cross. The circled cross is significant in several key ways. As one of the most potent symbols of Westotericism the circled cross or solar cross is a very ancient and potent symbol. Related to theSwastika, the solar cross can be seen to be related to the Hindu concept ofSamsara or the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. In modern paganism the symbol relates to the wheel of the year (the neo pagan Holiday cycle, Beltane, Imbolc etc.)

The common holidays of Heathenism (black: main names; gray: alternative names; purple: minor common holidays).


This fourfold division also relate to other fourfold divisions. With Kingdom most importantly we have the four elements:

Air, Fire, Water and Earth.


These four elements are said to make up or compose the manifest reality. Indeed Kingdom can be seen as the entirety of the physical universe.



Air is for beginnings, the nature of incompleteness, communication, as "gaseous" nature air flows freely unhindered by the magnetic or electrical bonds at the atomic level. Air typically gives us the weapons of Swords or Arrows, creatures that fly such as birds and the elemental known as Sylphs.



Fire we reach later on the day, a flux or changing nature. In fire things are destroyed and reborn, like the phoenix rising from the flames. Fire gives us Wands or Spears, creatures of a changing nature, serpents and dragons and the elemental known as Salamanders.



Water we reach adulthood. Water is liquid and flows freely. With water we have cleansing, birth, sex, emotions and tides. Weapons of water typically are cups or vessels.  This is because water needs to be continued in order to be utilized. Creatures such as the fish are typically associated with water and the elementals known as Sylphs.




Earth is our last element. Here things have reached maturity and become solid. Here we see monetary or material things, manifestation and solidification. With earth we see Pentacles or Coins/discs. Creatures of an earthy nature such as deer and other typically earth like creatures and the elemental known as Gnomes.


And out of the midst of it came the likeness of four living creatures [or cherubim]. And this was their appearance: they had the likeness of a man,

But each one had four faces and each one had four wings.

And their legs were straight legs, and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf’s foot, and they sparkled like burnished bronze.

And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides. And the four of them had their faces and their wings thus:

Their wings touched one another; they turned not when they went but went every one straight forward.

10 As for the [a]likeness of their faces, they each had the face of a man [in front], and each had the face of a lion on the right side and the face of an ox on the left side; the four also had the face of an eagle [at the back of their heads].

11 Such were their faces. And their wings were stretched out upward [each creature had four wings]; two wings of each one were touching the [adjacent] wing of the creatures on either side of it, or [the remaining] two wings of each creature covered its body.

12 And they went every one straight forward; wherever the spirit would go, they went, and they turned not when they went.

13 In the midst of the living creatures there was what looked like burning coals of fire, like torches moving to and fro among the living creatures; the fire was bright and out of the fire went forth lightning.

14 And the living creatures darted back and forth like a flash of lightning.

15 Now as I was still looking at the living creatures, I saw one wheel upon the ground beside each of the living creatures with its four faces.

Ezekiel 1



The Cherubim of Ezekiel's vision give us the four holy living creatures that again form a fourfold division.


Eagle forming Air

Lion forming Fire

Man forming Water

Bull forming Earth


We see this in the world card:



The Cherubim are said to mix these four creatures, for example: feet of a Lion, head of a Bull, body of Man and wings of an Eagle or Head of eagle, feet of Bull, body of Lion and arms of Man etc.


Ezekiel's vision of course discusses the Orphanim, which we shall return to later. The Archangel of Kingdom is Sandalphon. Sandalphon is seen as the feet of the middle pillar, Metatron, Michael, Gabriel and Sandalphon; we will return to this later


“The four elements stem from a single source element. This is alluded to in the verse, ‘and a river flows from Eden to water the Garden; from there it divides and becomes four major rivers.’ That is, there is a single source which divides into four — the four elements….. This source element is called the yesod hapashut, the ‘simple element,’ in that, at the source, everything is united as one, without differentiation.

Everything in the world is composed of four basic elements. Each element contains traces of all the others, even if only in microscopic proportion. Thus, domem (mineral) has ‘earth’ as its main component, but one can find traces of ‘water,’ ‘air’ and ‘fire’ within. The continued existence of the world is based upon the proper combination and interaction of these elements.

Each element is radically different in makeup from the others, yet God in His infinite wisdom created them in such a way that they could coexist and sustain life in an almost endless array of combinations — as long as that which they are sustaining is alive. When its ‘life’ ends, the elements disperse — creating a situation, conceptually, of the ‘World of Separation.’ Thus it is the life force that binds the disparate elements together so that man can exist…..

Although every person is made up of all four elements, there are four main roots, corresponding to the four letters of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH). Each individual is rooted in his particular letter more than all the others. Correspondingly, he is also rooted in the specific element and character trait that derives from that letter. This is what accounts for the tremendous differences we find in people’s temparents. Some temperaments are rooted in fire, some in air, some in earth, some in water. 

The main thing is to harmonize their differences, for when difference, rather than harmony, is stressed, strife becomes the norm and people resist and oppose each other. This strife reverberates into their root elements, causing disharmony Above. As a result, the world is visited with destruction and sickness.

The main controlling force which can harmonize these differences is found in the single source element, the Tzaddik, The Tzaddik knows how to establish a proper balance between the various elements in his domain. This brings harmony and peace to each individual and to humanity as a whole.”

— Nosson of Bratslav (Likutei Halachot)



The Directions


The circled cross of course leads us to the cube.






The tree of life consists of the platonic solids of which the cube is one and thePlatonic Archetypes.


Tetrahedron ....................................................................Hexahedron/Cube


Octohedron ......................................................................Dodecahedron






The cube is associated with Kingdom for several reasons. The cube is of course a three dimensional form of the square, the square being a four sided polygon. Throughout the ancient world the square is used to signify the world or microcosm. This squaring the circle we find in many places. One example is the Iching coin where we see the circle forming the divine reality or infinite with the square as that which is within, the macro cosmos and micro cosmos. This is of course as basis of Hermeticism and most familiarly the emerald tablet of Hermes Trismigistos (who we shall return to later).


"That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing"


--Emerald Tablet (Isaac Newton Translation)


Of course a common phrase is to say the world has four corners. The cube itself has six faces. Much has of course been written about the cube of space (see the Sefer Yetzirah).


31 And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good (suitable, pleasant) and He approved it completely. And there was evening and there was morning, a sixth day.

--Genesis 1


One of the earliest Christian symbols of course is the Chi Rho.


{{MuseiVaticani |Unknown |''Anastasis'', symbolic representation of the ressurection of Christ. Panel from a Roman lidless sarcophagus of the “Passion type”, ca. 350 CE. |Unspecified |From the excavations of the Duchess of Chablais at Tor Marancia,



This symbol of course shows the six directions or faces of the cube. This common symbolism is found in many traditions. These directions form the manifest universe:




The Chi Rho symbol can be seen to show this.


10 Now a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from there it divided and became four [river] heads.

11 The first is named Pishon; it is the one flowing around the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold.

12 The gold of that land is of high quality; bdellium (pearl?) and onyx stone are there.

13 The second river is named Gihon; it is the one flowing around the whole land of Cush.

14 The third river is named Hiddekel [the Tigris]; it is the one flowing east of Assyria. And the fourth river is the Euphrates.

--Genesis 2

From the book of Genesis we see the symbolism of the four rivers, if we imagine this with a central tree we have our Chi Rho symbol.

The Rosarium Philosophorum, 1550:


During the  reformation and the age of reason/enlightenment of course we see these themes explored in Alchemy and esoteric movements such as  Rosicrucianism . The imagery of the Red King and White Queen from the Rosarium   Philosophorium we see carrying the same six directional imagery. The symbolic imagery of Red and White of course leads us back to the Macro and Microcosm, white being Macro and Red being Micro. This of course is explored further in the Chemical Wedding of Christian  Rosenkreutz . 


By us the Bridegroom offers you a choice between four ways, all of which, if you do not sink down in the way, can bring you to his royal court. The first is short but dangerous, and one which will lead you into rocky places, through which it will scarcely be possible to pass. The second is longer, and takes you circuitously; it is plain and easy, if by the help of the Magnet you turn neither to left nor right. The third is that truly royal way which through various pleasures and pageants of our King, affords you a joyful journey; but this so far has scarcely been allotted to one in a thousand. By the fourth no man shall reach the place, because it is a consuming way, practicable only for incorruptible bodies. Choose now which one you will of the three, and persevere constantly therein, for know whichever you will enter, that is the one destined for you by immutable Fate, nor can you go back in it save at great peril to life. 


Of course if we delve deeper we find that six is a solar energy and that there are seven days of creation. This we will explore more in the seventh emanation. Thus instead of six directions we can see seven 






The seven directional symbolism of course yields a great deal in meditational  practice. In mathematics we see the seven directions in the three dimensional defining XYZ axis.  




If we return once again to the circled cross we can in turn see the seven directions. 


The circled cross as three dimensional figure gives us the seven directions and a gyroscope like entity. But now we reach the Goddess aspect of Kingdom.






The Earth Mother

"Kabbalah speaks of four worlds corresponding to different levels or dimensions of reality, thus expanding our concept of health and nutrition far beyond the physical or even emotional and mental planes. Within this concept, a fourth element is the world of Emanation (Atzilut). This is the world from which energy flows across the upper worlds and empties into the material world, the world of Action (Asiyyah). The fourth world is therefore the point of origin for the flow of vital energy coming from the Divine Source. This flow in turn is stored on the spiritual plane, which allows it to enter the mental plane, which in turn supplies the emotional plane. Finally, from the emotional level the flow is conducted to the physical plane, fueling the body for action and exchange, a phenomenon known as existence.


If the world of Emanation alone were the conveyor of all flows of energy, the law of exchange would be subverted. According to the Kabbalah, the energy flow goes both ways, returning from the physical, material world to the One that is the pure source of all energy.


The Kabbalah sees all forms of exchange among living beings and the environment, including eating, in terms of an interactive process among different worlds. Such a process links earth and heaven, matter and energy, action and intention. Living beings are responsible as intermediaries between these realms, as long as their inner or existential world is centered exactly where heaven and earth meet. Regarding this inner world, the Talmud states: 'This is the world where heaven and earth kiss'."


— Nilton Bonder

(Kabbalah of Food)


Echmoth: (Echamoth) Meaning a form of wisdom; “Echamoth is one thing and Echmoth, another. Echamoth is Wisdom simply, but (e) Echmoth is the Wisdom of death, which is the one who knows death, which is called “the little Wisdom”. (”Gospel of Phillip, NHL.)

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