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I have been on this site for a while now, but I have not been very active. In fact this is my first blog post here. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest blog posts seem almost archaic and quaint anymore which is probably why I decided to write one now. To anyone bold enough to read this through to the end please do not take offense when I say that I wrote this more for myself than for anyone else. Although if it helps you then I am very happy for that. I have been rather flat lately in my spirituality, and I am hoping that this fact is a stage of growing rather than a general disinterest. I do not pretend to be experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul as John of the Cross did some 400 or so years ago, however if I can turn this period of dryness into that I shall be grateful to the transformational processes. 

No, I am not going to try to teach anyone some special characteristic regarding meditation either. I suspect there is enough of that type of teaching around the internet, and that anyone on a site like this has enough background and experience that they need seek me out for anything regarding that practice. I simply say this to myself, and to any gracious reader that has stuck with me this far, in reflection I see my spiritual apathy really beginning when I began faltering in my meditation. This reminds me of my Christian friends who tell me that they experience spiritual apathy when they no longer pray. Related? Maybe or maybe not. Just an interesting observation of myself that my mind seeks to connect with others. I suspect that lack of connection I feel with others in spiritual matters also contributes, which is possibly the unconscious motive for me writing a blog like this. That is fine too.

So today I am going to meditate for the first time in many weeks. And by talking about it here possibly the other half of my problem, my lack of connectedness with others regarding spiritual matters, will also begin to dissipate. Or so I hope.

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Comment by Ronin on June 11, 2014 at 9:08am

I hear ya Daniel, I feel the same way! Keep in touch and write some blogs about your experiences or whatever else might be going on with you. Good talking with you!

Comment by daniel ramirez on June 9, 2014 at 8:22pm

Dude, I felt the same way too recently. I just started meditating again last week. Modern life with all its conveniences, can be very inconvenient to the spiritual seeker. I'm sometimes tempted to just quit my job, sell all my stuff,  leave my hometown, and the few friends I have behind,  to be a spiritual hermit. Might as well, none of my friends and family have any interest in anything spiritual. I'm starved for for that connectedness you seek as well, but also would like to distance myself from mundane society. I still have high hopes though, and although I have trouble sometimes fitting in my meditations around my job, morgage, wife, brokedown car, etc... I can't, I wont let my spiritual practices slip away for too long. They are one of the tools I use to make it through all the monotony of modern life. Blessed Be!

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