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Metatron's Cube not only contains the 2 dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional Platonic Solids, it also contains the 4 dimensional Tesseract.  This is extremely significant as it complete a sequence of Transcendence.  Consider that (in Euclidian Terms) ALL of creation follows a pattern of Transcendence.

We can start with sub-atomic particles.  These will be our arbitrary baseline.  They come together to make Atoms...which are a higher, or transcendent order, above sub-atomics.  Atoms are a Greater Whole than their preceding parts.  Next,  Atoms come together to make Molecules.  Molecules are transcendent to Atoms and are thus (again) Greater Wholes than their respective parts.  They represent a higher order of reality.  Next Molecules come together to form Cells.  Cells are again, a higher order or Greater Whole than their parts.  Of course we can follow this pattern though till we get to the whole remains True and Constant at every step.

Metatron's Cube gives us a dimensional map that shows 2d, 3d and 4d examples of transcendence which have very deep and obvious philosophical connotations.

It usually only requires 3 points of reference in any given number sequence to work out a pattern.  For example 2,4,8...the next number would clearly be 16.  This is a simple but effective example of what I am saying.  If we want to understand where we are in 3 dimensional terms then we must understand the CONTEXT that 3 dimensions sit within.  Thus we would look at what the world is like in 2 dimensions and then we would look at it in 4 dimensions and through understanding the proper CONTEXT, only then can we appreciate the truth of the 3 dimensional experience.  And as with a continuous number sequence...we can use the 2d, 3d, and 4d appreciation to further extrapolate the 5th d, 6th d, 7th d, and so forth.  The chain is seemingly endless in potential.

Understand that we can NOT effectively measure the 3rd dimension with only 3 dimensional tools!  Why?  Because the 3rd dimension is a Transcendence of the 2nd dimension and a part of the Greater Whole of the 4th dimension.  CONTEXT determines CONTENT!!!  The 3rd dimension can NOT be it's own CONTEXT as it is a part of a much greater chain of being.

It is worth noting that science stacks in the same transcendental fashion.  Physics being the baseline, is transcended by Chemistry.  Which in turn is transcended by Biology, which is transcended by Psychology which is ultimately transcended by Spirituality.

Something to consider at any rate.


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Comment by neophyte on July 13, 2021 at 12:42am

Hi Djo. (my Facebook name btw - alternate spelling!)

I hate to throw a spanner in the works (no - that's untrue. I LOVE throwing a spanner in the works, if it makes people think things through a little more - or a lot more sometimes) but your 3 point pattern recognition has a problem. 2,4,8... has more than just 16 as a possible 4th value. 14 and 32 are 2 other perfectly acceptable 4th values in the series.

It IS proof though that using just 3 values to determine the properties of a system is fraught with the potential to underestimate the true situation.

Regarding the choice of sub-atomic particles as an arbitrary baseline: Do we yet know enough about such as to be able to assume they constitute some kind of baseline (singular/plural?) do they actually exist for example or are they simply something that we have assigned some forms of value or descriptions to because we have no way of considering them in any way that currently has real meaning? Also how does setting a baseline fit with the concept of 'As above, so below. As below, so above?

How do mono-atomic and multi-atomic crystals fit into the given 'transcendences'?

Also, I would point out the importance of the Zero point in any dimensional system - all dimensions are built up from a single zero point, or to give it another name, Nothing: 1D is an infinite collection of dimensionless points in a single 'straight' line; 2D is an infinite collection of 1D lines in a flat plane; 3D is an infinite collection of flat 2D planes stacked into a volume; etc. Everything is built up of Nothing upon nothing upon nothing. There is nothing more important to our life and world than nothing yet we humans almost invariably do not consider it's importance and real value and forget that nothing is where everything 'starts' from. (not that there is any real beginning or ending on a Universal scale).

A few more things for us to consider. :-)

God is within you.

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