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    I am interested in Languages, and agreed for a word in Russian on my computer every day, which is as far as I will get learning it in what little time I have left.                                                                                               So many tongues on this planet has helped to divide and cause friction. All the communications from other planets have their common language, or are telepathic and most are of only one racial type. It would appear that we are peculiar in our diversity and history.

  There is the idea in galactic politics how this Earth is a ‘lynchpin’, or key to the preservation of freedom in the galactic community. This placed some responsibility on its people resulting our being disempowered in a subtle type of slavery, on the background of a Spiritual War now said to be reaching its conclusion. The present situation has been planned for our complete control, of which we are experiencing a sample as an introduction for what is to be shades of ‘1984’.  

For those who are interested in the war. It is mainly fought on the interdimensional planes and reflects on this world. The army of “The Silver Legion” plays a part. It has an interesting history, founded a 1000 years or so ago. Details are on the website of “Lady Tanaath”, who is representative on Earth. The Silver Legion consists of many different races and not all humanoid. They have rescued thousands enslaved by the Draco.

Gratzite.                                                                                                                                                                 URL: “The Divine Herecies”


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Comment by Loki on January 28, 2021 at 6:41pm

I have to take most of this symbolically.  Practicing with lucid dreaming and other types of psychic activity has left me more open, however it also leaves me more wary about possible manipulations.  Both within my own development of a sense form and within any external input, there's too much room for alteration.  However, it is always useful to explore perspective on things that most would discard outright.

I hope you keep posting, with the ability to engage an open mind. 

One thing I will say.  It is always interesting to consider how closely skill and control can come, before they split into infinitely differing pathways.

May you keep a clear core, to perceive the movements of mind until the end of your days.

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