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Mysteries of the first language

One of the biggest mysteries of language is if a first language of humanity ever existed, or if language developed in different locations simultaneously. Why do we think that a first, original language did exist? Some thirty years ago, Philologist and Linguists thought that multiforms of languages existed, that is to say, they argued that languages developed parallel to the number of cultures that came up. But many diverse languages in distant and opposed continents of our planet have words that are pronounced in an identical or similar way, and also have the same meaning, there are numerous examples of this. This is undeniably verifiable, and makes it reasonable to propose a new scientific concept in which the existence of a 'parent' singular original language, from which is derived the whole diversity of languages that are spoken throughout the world today. However, this already was established with anticipation by the Bible, in Genesis 11 vers 1: 'Now the whole world had one language and a common speech'. Therefore if one follows the Biblical reference only one common Language existed until this point of the so-called 'confusion of the languages'.

Where did the first language come from?

With the 'guided' investigations of Alfredo Gamarra we believe that we can identify vestigial archeological remains to support the early Biblical scenes, for example the Tower of Babel. He is able to demonstrate with the aid of eleven existing sciences and other types of new evidence, some irrefutable, that the 'Sacred Places of Origin', or what is known as the 'Cradle of Humanity', is located in what is now the South American continent. Specifically the central axis in Peru, including present day Bolivia, as being the 'Center of the Creation'. The exact central point being what we now know as the city of Cusco. It is in this region that A.G. locates the archeological vestiges of the Tower of Babel or Etemenanki, known as Sacsayhuaman from the Inca period, the most cyclopian construction of the planet. Alfredo Gamarra with his investigations demonstrates that the ancestral 'common' language of humanity comes from this region, and that in Quechua and Aymara there are, in both pure and changed ways, many of the words that comprised the 'First Universal Human Language'.

Many people, when reading this manifesto, may think that these are less than audacious opinions. However, this is not the first time that a theory has pointed to South America as the cradle of humanity. As we can demonstrate, there are data and investigations that we believe are from sensible, just and cultured personalities, whose works in the fields of Linguistics and Philology are worthy of careful consideration, from which we can distill the Origin of the First Language. We are delighted to represent those who were, in our opinion, previously unjustly underestimated and that today we can re-evaluate the meaning of the following investigations:

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Comment by Sekhmet on December 10, 2013 at 2:35pm

Dear friends, I really DON'T believe in any darwinistic theories about species evolution it really doesn't matter if there was a common language or not. In Esoterism, this Babel Tower History is another allegory showing that following the Fall of Man into Matter (AdamKadmon), this had agreat impact like a domino. Babel tells us that men having different grades of inner evolution did not really communicate, even though they tried to connect with the source.

Comment by kristian murray flory on November 5, 2012 at 2:54pm

Yep, Bill. The pendulum sways. Not only as 'the human ping-pong game with esotericism'.. but also with who here expresses brilliantly inspired thoughts ;) Cheers for yours mate..

*A healthy discussion calls for no 'rubuking' (any such word?). There's at least some value in all ideas.

Comment by kristian murray flory on November 5, 2012 at 6:35am

I'm merely interested in what others think, & how they come to their conclusions.. on occasion speaking from my perspective, I truly Love individualism. Others views teach me a hell of a lot.

I fear, though, we've gone off topic. I'm intrigued now about early language.. & whether or not there was a 'parent' singular original. Right now, that doesn't seem probable to me, but.. how to know?

Comment by kristian murray flory on November 5, 2012 at 3:51am

So.. what is the definition of 'civilized', as far as You can see Bill?

You speak here of the atrocities & selfish drive of the modern human, but neglect to mention the beauty experienced & shared between people for the soul act of showing Love.

We are somewhat complex individuals, with many differing & often opposing aspects within us.. balancing & consciously 'embracing' each of these brings us, as individuals, closer to divinity/enlightenment (however one wants to phrase it). We aren't all barbarians. Refinement is what is needed to be 'civilised'.. & there are MANY who are consciously & continuously refining themSelves.

I can, & have, truly contemplated what it would mean for me to be wealthy, either with monetary wealth or power, & I can honestly say that I would be gracious, grateful & everso thoughtful in devoting such wealth to creating & nurturing positive changes on this planet of ours. (AND these are endless).

As far as 'aliens' go.. I need no proof either way. There are certain Laws & lessons that have been passed on to human beings from those beyond our complete comprehension. This is more than a personal belief.. it is my inner knowledge. But.. each of us individuals have our own beautiful way of viewing existence & its magick.

Comment by kristian murray flory on November 4, 2012 at 11:32pm

I have little idea of the origin of verbal languages. All I understand is that there is a common 'soul language' (for use of a better term) shared by most of us. Silent gestures & expressions communicate, often more effectively than the voice. This type of language must (?) predate any verbal expression.

.. & I commend You, steve. Using proper names/pronunciation in conscious, deliberate speech (language) is the most effective & respectable way to communicate.

Just a little thought from this simple-ish mind. Don't mean to regress Sunmover.

Comment by Taron on November 1, 2012 at 11:53am

As for biblical origins, well, it mentions hebraic as original language, precursor to hebrew, I guess. What's still clear through Hebrew is that each letter represents a number as well and I'd like to think it's rather the other way around. Each number then represented a letter, too. I, too, believe it's rather obvious and logical that mankind with the emergence of direct access or extension of the universal consciousness first communicated through musical rhythm and numbers. They are unmistakable and clear, counts and eventually patterns of counts through rhythms of various repetitions. Even the first word "spoken" by an infant "maMA" may actually reflect the simulation of the heartbeat, like the child identifies the mother by her heartbeat (?!). Just a thought that occurred  to me a moment ago.

Comment by Taron on November 1, 2012 at 11:31am

May I jump in far from any erudition aside from a variety of personal studies, heavily outweighed by my own imagination/contemplation.

1. While Darwin observed a logical and applicable aspect of evolution as others did before him, mutation had never been random, but the direct consequence out of a method, whose origin lies deep within the universal method of existence altogether. Life has been the logical consequence of circumstances, which had been the logical consequence of circumstances and so forth. Mankind holds the present trait as such a consequence, being conscious and thus forming the circumstance for what ever becomes the subsequent consequence. Archeological finds can only examine what remains evident, not what is true. Even if we were to breakdown language to its most likely origin, we'd end up having to speculate, but the right mindset can take our assumptions further than the urge to adhere to purely material evidence based science.

2. Von Danniken is a passionate dreamer, who can't let go of his ways of coping with a superficial religious upbringing. Together with Sitchin they share a certain opportunism that spawned a whole subculture of nonsense, deliberately misinforming the victimized public with self-serving omissions - or rather against their better judgement. In short: nonsense.

3.God, above all else, is a word. Many cultures show some confusion as to what they mean by this word up until the point when they all refer to the "Most High". Even there you find distinctions between the most high of material creation to the most high of universal creation (prior to physicality) or even until the pure, infinite nothingness, considered the source of consciousness before consciousness itself. So, the word "God" was created on Earth and the human, being considered a mirror to the universe as microcosm to the macrocosm is thereby in the image of the universe, which is the God those would refer to. As for intelligence, considering that the universe itself is in a seemingly endless process of redefining/refining itself, the trait that makes this happening for it would be mirrored in the created human as microcosm, evolving, refining and redefining itself. It may have started raw and methodical as the physical universe itself. However, all of this goes beyond physicality, which adds a whole different layer of complication to it all.

4. Science has no clue about any major leap in evolution, neither how nor where is clear for just about anything. Just because we stumble across some skeleton somewhere that seems to predate all other findings does not teach us anything about everything. It only means that we've managed to find some older bones: Yuhay!

Life has never been dumb, but simply methodical and we couldn't crack this method, yet. If we did, we'd have an easier time to understand different races of a same major trait sharing species. Exploration of the root races might've begun to lead into a more plausible direction of how it all scattered into various types, and similar to Babel it might lead toward one core idea of man, which in its state was not viable to lead to further development as it was and therefore needed to spawn variations. The answer there might actually be more likely to be found in the stars, as funny as this sounds, being that they reveal larger patterns of change than we can readily observe on Earth itself. This is about the divine method, so to say.

5. I did enjoy the theory about an expanding earth, too, by the way. Whether contrived or closer to the truth, proponents of it claim that the continental jigsaw puzzle fits on all sides, thereby indicating that the landmass might've been a closed sphere at some point.

Those who believe in the Atlantean theory speak of a land bridge across the Atlantic ocean, too. In their speculation the remaining people outside the core of atlantean civilization were essentially primitive and only as Atlantis went down, priests or teachers, who escaped the cataclysm, went ahead and educated those primitive tribes across the globe, which led to all the similarities in almost ever culture on Earth. Look into the story of Jonah, Vishnu, Quatzequatel and Chinese mythology and you'll always find the man (or fishman) that came out of a fish or seaserpent and taught the people how to organize, how to start a society with regulations, politics, law, even agriculture and so forth. The biblical Jonah, who came out of the mouth of a seamonster (not a whale), "reminded" people of the city Nineveh how to lead life as a society with morals and laws and so forth. Christianity is often forgotten in the chain of these similarities, that's why I bring that up.

6. We often tend to forget that our modern day north- and southpole have not always been where they are now and are continuing to shift their positions. What's that got to do with anything you ask? Well, beyond all other physical aspects of this observation, it is our imagination that should get the jolt to recognize that even our fundamental idea of "knowledge" is already inadequate to consider migration patterns of antiquity/prehistory. How can we accept fragments of scientific speculations as basis for our contemplations, if they fall on misunderstood or ignorant topography already.

Well, just some thoughts about those questions. Hope you didn't mind me putting in my 2 cents. It's exciting to think about all that. Forgive me for the indulgence.

Comment by Taron on November 1, 2012 at 6:29am

It's pretty difficult not to think of Atlantis and the likes, especially when it comes to the south american/euro-african/egyptian connection. Manly P. Hall would've loved this conversation, I'm sure.

I always felt that linguistics may be the only half-way reliable way to shed light on true history, as buried within are elements of it that each deceit of all the many civilizations could not remove. I can imagine that even south america won't display the true origin, but only reflect it in maybe less distorted ways. But then again... nobody knows, yet.

Thanks for the wonderful post, Sun!

Comment by Forever Growing on October 31, 2012 at 9:00pm

I apologize for something regarding my comment.  About the book, "The Language Of The Birds" by William Henry...I think the paperback might be hard to find in most bookstores.  Even online, Amazon and Barnes and Noble hardly lists it.  It's best to get it through Scribd or through William Henry's Direct sight: to purchase it. 


Thank you Steve for sharing that wonderful experience you had today!

:) Forever Growing

Comment by Forever Growing on October 31, 2012 at 1:34am

Very Interesting...thank you for sharing this!  This artical actually runs parallel to what I've been reading...I haven't finished the book yet. 

The book is called:  The Language Of The Birds:Our Angelic Connection by William Henry

You can preview it on Scribd:

Or you can get it at any bookstore.

Another Artical on this you might find interesting:

Language of the Birds, Green Language, Language Of The Gods Are various Names.

Thanks Again~Forever Growing:)

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