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Mysteries of the first language

One of the biggest mysteries of language is if a first language of humanity ever existed, or if language developed in different locations simultaneously. Why do we think that a first, original language did exist? Some thirty years ago, Philologist and Linguists thought that multiforms of languages existed, that is to say, they argued that languages developed parallel to the number of cultures that came up. But many diverse languages in distant and opposed continents of our planet have words that are pronounced in an identical or similar way, and also have the same meaning, there are numerous examples of this. This is undeniably verifiable, and makes it reasonable to propose a new scientific concept in which the existence of a 'parent' singular original language, from which is derived the whole diversity of languages that are spoken throughout the world today. However, this already was established with anticipation by the Bible, in Genesis 11 vers 1: 'Now the whole world had one language and a common speech'. Therefore if one follows the Biblical reference only one common Language existed until this point of the so-called 'confusion of the languages'.

Where did the first language come from?

With the 'guided' investigations of Alfredo Gamarra we believe that we can identify vestigial archeological remains to support the early Biblical scenes, for example the Tower of Babel. He is able to demonstrate with the aid of eleven existing sciences and other types of new evidence, some irrefutable, that the 'Sacred Places of Origin', or what is known as the 'Cradle of Humanity', is located in what is now the South American continent. Specifically the central axis in Peru, including present day Bolivia, as being the 'Center of the Creation'. The exact central point being what we now know as the city of Cusco. It is in this region that A.G. locates the archeological vestiges of the Tower of Babel or Etemenanki, known as Sacsayhuaman from the Inca period, the most cyclopian construction of the planet. Alfredo Gamarra with his investigations demonstrates that the ancestral 'common' language of humanity comes from this region, and that in Quechua and Aymara there are, in both pure and changed ways, many of the words that comprised the 'First Universal Human Language'.

Many people, when reading this manifesto, may think that these are less than audacious opinions. However, this is not the first time that a theory has pointed to South America as the cradle of humanity. As we can demonstrate, there are data and investigations that we believe are from sensible, just and cultured personalities, whose works in the fields of Linguistics and Philology are worthy of careful consideration, from which we can distill the Origin of the First Language. We are delighted to represent those who were, in our opinion, previously unjustly underestimated and that today we can re-evaluate the meaning of the following investigations:

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mmm - The Green language.

Very interesting indeed, thanks Sun

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