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Mystic Sadhguru. Anybody have additional information

I have been following this guru for the past year. Listening to his lectures as well as using his meditation techniques And his yoga practices.

At the time I did not know where to start. I want to know am I on the right path by following his teachings?

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Comment by Jesse on June 15, 2018 at 12:21pm
Hi dean,

There are a few practices.

1. Isha Kriya.
2. Nadi shuddhi
3. Shambhavi mudra
4. Nada yoga.

I have not been practing for the full year but I have been following him. It seems every month that goes buy it turns more into a money grab.

To progress further with his teachings you now have to pay.

I am really not sure who to turn to for answers. My father and brother are both Freemasons and I am meeting with bob Taylor this Sunday who used to be head of the rcmp here in Edmonton and now runs the mason lodge in Edmonton I am hoping I can get the answers I am looking for by joing the masons

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