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spheres of atomic motion
forms within forms
nothing is inanimate

all is in motion
even if our eyes see stillnes
truly, it is not still

The question of whether there is life in the universe is entirely missing the point

In regards to "inanimate"

those who see that planets have no life
are deluding themselves
planets themselves are certainly alive

all of this being-ness abides by cosmic law of proportion and resonance

the same laws that govern the atom, govern the solar system, govern the galaxy, etc.


varying frequencies, speeds, velocities, coherency, bonds

all forms are made up of animate life

go beyond forms- see the energy in motion
in this way, one can see only life
thusly, there is no death as energy cannot be destroyed

matter is merely energy shifting from one form to another

from the atomic and quantum perspective, there is no seperation...


all is + and -

in a unified field

Yet people are trapped in lesser dimensional thinking

That is about to change...

All the planets of our solar system and every other star you can see are connected....

Just like this image of the sun and earth.

We are continually fed life streams of energy.. Our atoms receive photons and we emit frequencies. This is why everyone talks about being a "light" worker.

With higher states of consciousness, we excite our own atoms to such a degree by our thoughts, feeling, and emotions- that we can magnify the output of photons we are penetrated by...

We can interact with our field much more than many might realize... We have only just begun to harness our potential...

.:. Co~ordinate .:. Co~operate .:.

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