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The purpose of this free, self-scoring quiz is to help you determine your current level of personal transformation and suggest appropriate alchemical operations to pursue. The Personal Alchemy Quiz was developed in group meetings with people undergoing psychological and spiritual change, and it has proved useful as a guide in determining a person's inner alchemy. As long as you are consistently truthful in answering the questions, the quiz can be used repeatedly to provide at least some indication about how your alchemical temperament is changing.

Print out the forms for a permanent record and retest yourself regularly to see how your personal alchemy is changing. After you have answered all the questions, go to Section 4 for an automatic interpretation of the results. The Personal Alchemy Quiz is divided into the following parts:

Section 1: Lunar Test (Intuitive)
Section 2: Solar Test (Intellectual)
Section 3: Your Quiz Results

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Comment by belladonna took on November 11, 2015 at 7:10pm

lunar 33  solar -1  hermetic 6  total 38  

i really disliked a Lot of the solar questions ie i felt  yes for half of a single question, but no for the other half. i usually chose a lesser so as not to identify to closely with the 1/2 i was uncomfortable with, 

#3 9 11 16 and others

just chatting



Comment by anki on June 18, 2015 at 2:32pm

Ha. its correct!!

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