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Entering the path of autognosis (self-knowledge), one of the first findings that one is called to realize is that the real causes of his emotional agitations are within them and that the external events are simply the reasons.

They are then called upon to take action in order to clarify and distinguish their emotional reactions from the external reasons.

This is a very difficult and very painful process.
But when they get to the point of separating the causes from the reasons, then their adult part will dominate their life.

They will then be called upon to go through an even more difficult stage. The pain without any external reason.

Here the pain is real, but inexplicable, because the individual can’t even recognize an apparent reason.

Maybe if the individual is honest with themselves and searches deep inside, they will discover that the real cause of this pain is the annulment of their primordial Love.

In this very difficult phase of autognosis (self-knowledge), only the esoteric path can help.

It offers us purpose, vision and a real mission.

A tool for the Pythagoreans is the virtue of selfless charity.

It is the virtue through which they offer Love without expecting anything in return;

so that they can offer Love, without the risk of it being annulled.

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