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My main theme my whole life is to figure out what this world is and how it is made. When I began this journey I thought of myself as a limited being. The rocket science was too complicated for me. What I believed is that only genisis can understand things like computers, physics, high sciences. I did not even try because I made bad grades in high school. If I could not make straight A+ in high school, how can I understand great secrets. An instance occurred where I had to repair my computer or not have one. It had a bad hard drive. I replaced it with ease. This led to doing other computers. Soon, my whole family was calling me to work on their pc's. One day my brother said I need to go to college for I.T. work. I thought I would fail for sure. I didn't. I then began reading physics books to understand this world. That was 2002. I have, in my own time, gone beyond physics which is, limited, into metaphysics. I have figured out a little about how our reality works. It is based on a free will system. In other words, people who say "How can God let bad things happen to good people", do not understand the mechanics of Karma or universal laws. I have had too many sychronicities to know that this universe is not random. I suggest to you that this universe has a being or beings that control events that occur in our lives. This is my truth, and it will be yours if you wish to follow my instructions to prove this to yourself. 11:11; 12:12, 1:11, 4:44, 9:11, 3:33, and others that you see during the day and night are one way of these beings communicate directly to you. What does it mean? Well there are many websites that will tell you what these mean, but here is the catch: This language is created by your interpretation of what it means. In other words, If you think that 9:11 means danger is coming, then danger is coming and those beings use this to communicate this message to you. If you believe that 9:11 means something positive is coming then these beings will use this as a future reference to tell you this. It sounds crazy, but it works! You create your own dictionary with these positive beings. It is not limited to numbers though. Literally anything you see can be a sychronicity trigger. The ancients called these omens. Once you have created your own dictionary, then you will see how often these beings communicate, which is all the time. If you are interested in this then tell them. They are embedded into reality itself. Empty space is intelligent.

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Comment by Being on March 7, 2015 at 2:38pm

This is what so-called Magic is about.

Comment by Aryia on March 7, 2015 at 10:49am

hey i really like your view on this. It makes perfect sense that if you believe that a sign represents something 'good'then it will inevitably be a good omen. each to their own. How can we compare to eeach other when we are not the same? this immediately eliminates much confusion :) thanks for sharing! 

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