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regarding the colour of Thursday

it's Purple.

Steve /span>>

Fri, Apr 9, 3:23 PM
to Adam
Hi Adam,
I was wondering if you could provide a brief explanation regarding the colourization of Basil Valentine's  emblem below.
Did you use a specific text for reference?  
Specifically I am curious why  Jupiter is purple in your representation.
Thank you,
At 22:23 09/04/2021, you wrote:

Specifically I am curious why  Jupiter is purple in your representation.

 Purple is the colour of royalty and suitable for the king of the planets.

With best wishes,

Adam McLean
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yes jupiter is the same as zeus the king of gods, also with jupiter having the elements of expansion purple being at the end spectrum of light? jupiter represented by the metal tin. if you roll out a long sheet of tin and tap it it will sound like thunder, jupiter god of thunder. 

the great planet biggest planet in our solar system the king of the gods. 

here are some of Adam's colorizations 

compare with what you might find on pinterest

however it is important to note that the original artwork is just a woodcut, with saturn being the only one filled in black 

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Comment by ☤Tris☤ on May 8, 2021 at 10:53am

Indeed, Adam hit this one right on the bullseye - He is also on FB, send him a request if you want, he is very happy to answer questions regarding his works. Using this, would be an appropriate coloring for the King in Lambspring's Coagulation also.

"The ninth emblem in the Book of Lambspring (1625) shows us that the king has ascended the seven stages of the self, and has finally conquered his inner dragon, the Base Self, which lies under his feet. He holds the orb of the world in his hand."

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