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I have been following the livestreams of David Icke because I've always been a fan of his conspiracy theories, wild as they may be.  I tuned into ROSE / ICKE  IV this past Sunday and thought it was the best of the lot. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Brian Rose and what he does, but I always enjoy what David has to say. 

The live interview is on Brian Rose's LondonReal site now, you have to enter your email and subscribe to watch the video. Make sure to use a junk email if you are not interested as he will send tons of SPAM to your inbox. You have to unsubscribe from all those emails as soon you are done watching the video on his site.  It will make you enter the email every time you go use his service. 

In the interview it's just David Icke talking about his take on current events, how he believes the 1% is responsible for the following topics

1. Fighting Censorship
2. The Agenda Behind COVID-19 And Black Lives Matter
3. Stop Believing Mainstream Media
4. Stop Identifying With The Labels
5. How The Cult Wants To Divide And Conquer Us
6. Why Defunding The Police Is Wrong
7. Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter?
8. The Cult’s Agenda
9. George Soros And The Cult Against Humanity
10. Hypocrisy Of The 1%
11. Who Benefits?
12. How To Not Contribute To The Division
13. Stop Acquiescing
14. Why Removing The Statues Is Wrong
15. Why There’ll Be A Second Lockdown
16. Mind Control
17. How To Create Equality and Opportunity
18. We Need To Stop Acquiescing
19. How To Get Rid Of Fear
20. Live Your Life As If You Had 10 Minutes To Live

check it out here

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