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Easter, 2001, found me again before the Men in Black, answering another mysterious question: Who taught the Space Gods?

            This time, I did not have an answer. Their ranks pressed in a horseshoe pattern around the sides and front of the square, demanding my response. Unable to comply, I turned around, facing the rear of the square. I beheld a series of images, multilayered and mind-boggling, all of them hierarchical structures of one kind or another. The common overlapping images seemed to form a tower invoking an insane shadow of the kabbalah’s Tree of Life.

            Then, to my great relief, I saw Cleopatra emerge from behind it all.

            “I do not know the meaning of this,” I admitted to Her. “Help me.”
            “What do they all share?” She asked.
            “They are all models of the 4th dimension,” I said weakly, “and they each have a different name for the same structure.”
            “And so who taught the Space Gods?” She asked knowingly.
            “The designer of the structure...?” I offered in an unsure tone.
            “No,” Cleopatra replied. “Watch and you shall see...”
            She waved Her perfect hand before my eyes, and I was suddenly elsewhere. I was hovering above the Earth in orbit, experiencing a moment of disoriented panic. The blue-white marble of our world glowed warmly in the void, and then it was overshadowed by some massive object approaching from behind me. I spun around and beheld the most amazing sight I have ever seen.

            It was the ship of the Space Gods! Shaped like some insane Escher drawing, with twisting limbs folding in and out of each other, bearing a weird quaternal symmetry my eyes could hardly comprehend, glowing with multicolored lights and stretching for miles, the massive vessel seemed to swallow me up. I was surrounded by energies I could not comprehend, and then suddenly I was inside it, my spirit floating in some bizarre chamber resembling the inside of a gigantic lung.
            And the Space Gods were there. They were faceless, armored giants, each with a single blazing All-seeing Eye, towering over me. Aside from these Eyes of Providence, they looked almost exactly as Jack Kirby imagined them.

            I’ve really lost it now, I thought to myself.

            One of the giants reached down and grabbed my soul in its house-sized hand. Its palm stretched at least fifty feet across.
            “Here we are,” Cleopatra said, appearing suddenly beside me on the giant’s skin. “You will see now who taught them, and why…”
            “Mistress,” I implored, “are we witnessing what actually took place 26,000 years ago? Is this real?”
            “It is real enough,” She replied, as the Space God set us down across the chamber on a large console of some kind. “But this is not the distant past; it is the year 2012. Now you shall see how truly childish linear time is…”
            The giant did something with the controls of the console, and a huge screen appeared before us. Looking at it, I suddenly realized the incomprehensible truth as I recognized what was being displayed. It was the Ghost Capital!
            “The Space Gods are being taught by the Cosmic Congress,” She revealed as my astral jaw hit the floor. “They are learning what Fate Humanity should have and how to create it for us.”
            “I thought the question put to me was asking: Who taught the Space Gods how to become themselves? You know, back before they left their home base in the future.”

            “That question has a very different answer,” Cleopatra explained. “The Illuminati Alchemists who will be alive 26,000 years from now learned their transformative Art from aliens. Can you now guess what star these alien teachers come from?”

            “Sirius…?” I ventured.

            “Sirius,” Cleopatra confirmed. With a wave of Her hand the scene melted away, returning us to my magick square.

            “Now we are back in 2001,” She said. “I have something else to show you.”

            The etheric mists swirled and we were now in the Ghost Capital, standing before the astral double of the Washington Monument.

            She pointed to the obelisk and a stream of blue flame shot forth from Her finger, flowing to the apex of the small pyramid at its top. The flame hit the peak and exploded. Suddenly the monument itself was engulfed in this flame, which spread out to form the figure of an armored giant with a triangular head and a single huge All-seeing Eye. It was in fact the same Space God who had just- eleven years in the future- picked us up inside their ship!
            “Let the secret be revealed!” Cleopatra declared in a chilling tone.
            At that point the Space God's armor opened to reveal hundreds of hypercubes within, each one containing a homuncular human-size figure, all composing its massive internal anatomy. I could see now that this 4D nervous system was organized along a Tree of Life structure, as if the seven lesser Sephiroth, representing the planetary spheres, were organs inside the body. The three greater Sephiroth, embodying the triune aspects of Deity, were contained inside the gargantuan head. 
            “The Illuminati Alchemist becomes one with the All-seeing Eye, and operates the Space God of his soul as its ego,” Cleopatra said. “The key to their destiny, however, is not found in the future or the past. It is found in the Apocalypse. The events unfolding right now will determine the shape of both yesterday and tomorrow.”
            As I gazed at the huge figure the armor closed and its massive eye blinked...or maybe it winked.

It was not long before I was ready to fly down to DC. On the eve of my departure, I was having intense phone dialogue with my cosmic comrade in San Diego. We were discussing the Space Gods and Cleopatra's revelation that they are actually meta-humans from the distant future. By this time I had learned from the MIB that my future self will be one of them, and my friend suspected that he might be as well.
            “So imagine,” I said, “that you and I both have yet-to-be reincarnated selves who
are members of the Illuminati Alchemists that become the Space Gods. That means that this lifetime, the one which will see 2012, is the oldest cell in our Celestial body.”
            “Why is that again? Something about the Zodiac precessional timetable?”
            “Right. The 26,000 year Zodiac clock begins and ends in the sign of Aquarius. We are at the twelve o’clock position. The Space Gods are created by the Illuminati Alchemists in the future- 26,000 years in the future, at the next point where the Zodiac clock reaches Aquarius. And then they travel back in time to the Aquarius point before ours, approximately 24,000 BC, Humanity’s Cosmic Genesis moment, the Alpha to the Omega we are now approaching.”
            “And the chain of hypercubes used by these future selves runs from our time to theirs, thus they are drawing on a full Zodiac year that starts with us.”
            “Exactly!” I exclaimed, feeling the rush of revelation. “So the scenario is quite similar to The Matrix. Our world is a virtual reality prison being controlled from the future. Instead of evil mechanoids such as in the film, our Matrix is run by the Illuminati and is designed to secure a certain perception of 2012.”
            “But which Illuminati?" he asked. “Are you saying that this is all being run from the future? Or is there a key role being played by the Men in Black of our own day? How does The Conspiracy fit in?”

            “The MIB are equivalent to the Agents who are in the Matrix with us. They are trying to direct us. The decision our species makes regarding 2012 is going to have far-reaching effects, as it defines the whole set-up which the future Illuminati are counting on. This is the great turning point between them and their goal. They are lobbying for a specific version of 2012 to pass. It’s a war of perception.”
            “But it’s still eleven years until 2012...”
            “Right!” I said. “Which makes our mission that much more important. We must define the future in the best way possible. We just need to figure out how to play the Space God card when we are at the cosmic poker table with The Conspiracy.”
             At this point Colonel Burr entered the picture. As I said the above sentence, I looked down at a book I had acquired a few months earlier while I was visiting California. It was called Aaron Burr: the Conspiracy & Years of Exile. The cover has the famous profile portrait of Burr that you always see. Well, the portrait began to glow, to ooze numinosity and power, and before my eyes a thin mist began to rise out of it. Like a genie emerging from the bottle, Aaron Burr’s ghost was suddenly rearing up before me. He smirked as he said:
            “The Illuminati Alchemists never planned to come here. They thought they would be sailing away into the galaxy. Turning on their armor forced the Space Gods to travel back in time. Now, to reach their destination, they must pass through the filter of our revolutionary work. Because of that fact, we can control them.”
            Then the Colonel dissolved with a laugh and was gone.
            I immediately recounted to my comrade what just happened, and we quickly put the pieces of together.
            “The Space Gods cut a deal with aliens from Sirius,” I started to summarize, “which enabled them to break the 4D wave of their many lifetimes and assemble the pieces into a meta-human who could master the fourth dimension and dwell among the stars etc. The implication I get from the Colonel's use of the term forced means that the Illuminati Alchemists who became the Space Gods got a surprise when they finally got into their spaceship and switched on the armor. They were never planning to go back and become the Elohim. They thought they would be leaving Earth behind, but instead they were thrown backwards in time.”
            “And you really don’t think that was their intention? You think they just wanted to travel the stars?”
            “Yes!” I exclaimed. “But the Sirius aliens tricked them somehow. The breaking of the 4D wave would generate subatomic particles that would be operating faster than light. If that happened, the Space God ship would have two choices: Antimatter explosion, or travel back in time. So they started on their journey backwards. From our point of view they are in utter confusion as they approach us, coming down the Aquarius corridor towards our time on their way to the past.”
            “So what you’re saying is they need our cooperation,” he said, “in order to get past us and proceed to the Genesis point. We are the hyperspace gatekeepers!”
            “And Burr is insinuating that he and the others knew this all along, that the revolution and new republic created a filter through which the Celestials must pass- that filter is the Ghost Capital! That’s why when Cleopatra showed me the point of the Space Gods’ arrival, it turned out that they were being instructed by the Cosmic Congress! That’s it! We define now what their destiny was then- or rather, what their destiny will be once they pass through us. And the exact point where they pass through the filter is what we know of as the 2012 Omega Point! Yes!”
            “You know,” he said slyly, “this is a plot level that I can accept. You know why? Because we are in charge. The all-powerful Space Gods are powerless without our cooperation.”
            “Absolutely. So it all comes together with Washington DC and the monuments. They provide the architectural code that defines not only the Ghost Capital, but the planetary game board of all the ancient monuments worldwide.”

            “How so?”

            “Consider the Graham Hancock evidence in this light. He and his buddies have established that there is a planetary game board of monuments, all aligned to the stars and expressing a Freemasonic mythos which ties together all of History under the premise of the Atlantean Lost Civilization. But all Hancock can do is present the pieces; he does not know how they unify into one scheme- the real Big Picture.
            “The entire scenario is summed up by the Great Unfinished Pyramid with its missing capstone. The existing monuments, myths, and prophecies- all of which can be blanketed under the Legacy of the Space Gods lore- correlate to the cubes composing the pyramid. But the secret that ties them all together is represented by the Eye of Providence hovering above, the one piece that makes all the others fit. Burr is saying that the New Atlantis was designed to produce that capstone. The Founding Fathers all talk about Providence and how it was guiding their efforts. They left behind a complete answer to the riddle of the Space Gods, in the form of the mythos, monuments, and magic of Washington DC. And if I can decode that puzzle, I will be seeing into the Eye of Providence, and I will know the secret to controlling the Space Gods.”

            “Of course you will, Steve,” he said half-jokingly. “It’s what you’ve been born for, right?”
            “Absolutely,” I answered with deadly seriousness.

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