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know thyself

this is the first and most important rule

let me discuss the temple of man

western teachings, from a book called through temple doors, by mason  roy mitchell

he has studied comparative religion

7 levels

ok starting at the bottom

you have your physical body

you also have dream body / astral body / light body

have you heard of this before?

there is a link that joins the levels above but lets come back to that later

3 states of mind

in the middle is the ego, working space,  doer of work, thought processes

below the ego is the subconcious, this is where fears, trauma, issues  etc live

above the is super consciousness, where you know what's really going on you know

now the link between the two bodies is energy, life energy

there are lot of different names for it.  chi,  prana, you have heard all this before

many religions have names for each of the 7 levels, greek egyptian hindu  all have words for the same expression

above the super consciousness is spirit 

so in whole this western teaching we have


super consciousness



vital force

dream body

physical body

there are more modern methods of teaching

perhaps it is more about connections

there are physical connections

emotional connections

all kinds of connections really, in fact, i dont think it matters if they are numbered or not

we are all connected

those are some of the secret teachings i wish to share 

peace on earth and good will towards man



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Comment by Loki on April 17, 2021 at 1:23am

Other kinds of connectivity deepen the sense.  Like looking to a lit up crystal rock lamp and allowing a recognition of the contours without grasping the vision.  At the same time feeling into the contours of sitting, particular relation of hips to spine, etc.  It isn't just about the seeing, but a more subtle flowing state that leaves the awareness free.  You start to notice if you are straining 'as' the body, or when the eyes are being perceived.

One exercise is making  two crosses with string wound around the fingers.  Make it so the two crosses are separated by several inches, with the cross-point fairly close.  Shift the hands and fingers so that the cross points alter their relative quadrants (one cross is top-left then the other is bottom-right) with regular overlapping and shifting of the cross points (seeing only one cross).  And see if the depth perception can adjust independently of the aware direction.

Comment by Loki on April 17, 2021 at 1:12am

Connectivity is definitely a core factor of developing the energetic or vibrant form.  I like the four chakra system tradition in India (and somewhat similar to the taoist).  It's just simpler when doing meditations and easier to cut out extra thinking about symbolism.  The basic points are similar in each system (forehead, near navel, etc.) but interconnection in the body is a key. 

Basic meditations like breathing with awareness while aware of the hips and extending the being-awareness out is one form of astral development.  The dream body is only rarely a pure mimic of the body, just as often it seems like it is much more fractured.  IE: being unaware of body position, hand-eye coordination, forgetting to breath during intensive activity.  So that, it is a first practice just to extend the aware being, and this is also part of awakening kundalini.

A simple practice (though it took me about 13 years to develop the energetic feel) is thumb to finger mudras at the belly and heart.  The main focus must split between the third eye (smiling with eyes, pulling forehead apart/back) there is a slight raise of eyebrows and turn of mouth when this is more natural, but the focus is on the forehead and not an emphasized smile.  The feeling of magnetics in the hands also requires some qi-gong practice of similar.

This formation helps deepen the core spine energetic flow.  The fourth point at the throat(ish) is through the tongue to the roof of the mouth.  This link has been powerful for me, but it is always a difficult thing to speak of things that are subtle.

The biggest thing for me in this is the intensification of independent psychic emanations as well as parallel psychic emanations that are not directly controlled but responsive to patterns of energy fields as well as thoughts and unthought intentions.  I'm still raw in terms of really understanding, but I have some refinement of explorations in this.

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