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Are you one of the Star People?

            Like many visionaries throughout History, your mind may have been targeted by the telepathic transmissions emanating from a variety of the stars visible to us in the night sky. The messages typically involve New Age peace propaganda and other “revelations” concerning Earth evolving to the Celestial level. These feel-good narratives often refer to the mysterious Photon Belt, a river of cosmic energy that intersects with our solar system every thirteen thousand years, when our planet moves into the start of either Aquarius or Leo, the 12 and 6 positions of the Zodiacal Ragnarok Clock.

            Star People usually end up channeling this information into cute sci-fi literature supposedly being downloaded from the Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli, Cassiopeia, and any other star that catches their eye. The intelligences behind this channeled material invariably claim that this interstellar network can only be accessed by very special mediums down here, those who have been “seeded” by means of reincarnation or genetic manipulation in the distant past.

            Now it is obvious to any clear thinking person that the Star People are not actually in contact with aliens from all these different places. For one thing, the constellations that are claimed to be the source of the messages are often not even real places beyond Earth. For example, the Pleiades looks like a tightly packed group of stars near the constellation Taurus, but in reality the component stellar locales are actually many light years apart, and at vastly different scales, directly contradicting what the channeled information claims. “The Pleiades” as a place does not exist unless you are looking at this area of the sky from Earth.

            And yet, these constellations are continuously endorsed by Contact games, in ways that cannot be easily dismissed. Two thousands years ago Mayan shamans were downloading enigmatic prophecies from the cosmic internet, and just to make sure everyone knew their origin the Mayans oriented Teotihuacán, their great City of the Gods, to the rising of the Pleiades. Teotihuacán’s blueprint also possesses an uncanny correspondence between the locations of its pyramids and temples along this central axis, called the Way of the Dead, and the positions of the heavenly bodies in our solar system. Yes, centuries before the rest of us even knew about Uranus and Pluto, the Star People shamans among the Maya already had a complete map of our corner of the galaxy.

            You find this star-ground alignment plan in every ancient culture, always encoded in temples, monuments, and megalithic pictures such as the famous Nazca Lines of Peru, or the fabled White Horse in England, both of which are specifically constructed to point out the Pleiades.

            And there is more. The monuments do not just point to places in space, but also in time. The three stars of Orion’s Belt are mirrored on the ground by the three pyramids of Giza, as anyone can see at a quick glance. But the alignment is not pointing to Orion as it appears today. No, if you have a computer program capable of simulating the skies as seen in different Zodiacal Aeons, you will find that the Giza plateau in Egypt points to the date of 10,500 BC- the start of the Age of Leo. The Nazca Lines also encode this version of Orion in the Great Spider glyph. Half a world away, the mysterious temples of Angkor in Cambodia, when seen from far above, create a sky-ground mirroring of the constellation Draco, but again, the alignment indicates the version of Draco only visible thirteen thousand years ago. And so on, around the globe.

            New Age literature has been quick to claim this as proof that the Star People have been right along and the benevolent messages of hope from the Pleiades and elsewhere are legitimate after all, since these monumental correlations have only emerged in the past two decades, with guys like Graham Hancock and friends running around the world inserting obscure sight-line orientations into computers capable of seeing the skies of our distant past.

            Skeptics, of course, dismiss it all as coincidence. That’s their job, so we should not be surprised that they would be unimpressed. They are quite comfortable to ignore the systematic cosmic software and hardware used by the Star People, both ancient and modern. After all, they say, the notion that anyone resides in the Pleiades is false on its face, right? Obviously, the Star People have been helplessly deluded by watching too many episodes of Star Trek and staring too long into crystals.

            The troubling ambiguity of all this quickly ends all rational debate. Both believers and doubters retreat into their safety zones, preaching to their respective choirs, because, as Ross always said:

            You see what you look for, and recognize what you know.


One star, the brightest of all in the night sky, stands out above others: Sirius.

            Sirius communications are indeed serious business when you look closely at what has been going on for the past six thousand years. Sirius is connected with every ancient religion and subsequent occult movement. Conspiracy theorists love to point out this star is the one and only link that ties everything together, drawing a straight line of Manipulation from ancient Egypt through to today.

            For once, they are absolutely right.

            I have been one of the Star People my whole life, haunted by an inner knowledge of my connection to Sirius and some kind of intelligence emanating from it. When I got my hands on the Cartouche, Ross’s deck of Egyptian hieroglyphic Tarot, one of the first cards I went for was Sirius. By meditating on this over the course of a year, I was able to finally get some answers by channeling an intelligence named Ramasuk, who claimed to be an alien from Sirius as well also being my distant ancestor.

            This was the story he initially told me:

            Back during the Age of Leo the Sirians arrived in Earth orbit, having traveled from their home inside a frozen cube containing the DNA of their Royal Guard, a group of top level Sirians who had been ordered to come to Earth by whatever cosmic authority they worshipped. They arrived just in time to witness our Great Flood and the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria.

            Assetta, their leader, had been the only Sirian left corporeal for the trip. His spirit used a majestic suit of armor, allowing him to pilot the cube and tend to the frozen DNA of his comrades. The authority that tasked him for this mission also gave Assetta specific orders to execute upon entering orbit. First, he blanketed the Earth with energies designed to cut us off from the rest of the galaxy by weaving a Celestial Sphere around the whole planet. Second, he went down to inspect the native wildlife, collecting samples to use in building hybrid bodies for his fellow Sirians.

            This process was long and involved many centuries of experiments, until finally Assetta developed the proper procedure. His first successful hybrid was a man with the head of a lion, a body that Assetta tested out himself. The new body did not live long but it was functional enough for his purposes. The other Sirians were awakened at this point and given humanoid bodies of their own. Procreation was possible for these half-alien shells, which had weird blue-green skin. Ramasuk was one of the first Sirians to take a human wife, starting his own bloodline sometime near the beginning of the Age of Gemini.

            Since this period, Assetta, Ramasuk and the rest of the Sirians had been floating around inside the energy of the Celestial Sphere, periodically sending messages to the various Star People born from their bloodlines. These different members of the Royal Guard took up residence inside various constellations, explaining how it was that a Star Person down on Earth could be in contact with an alien intelligence originating “from the Pleiades” or any other area of the night sky.

            “It was all part of the program,” Ramasuk told us. “We began with Sumer and Egypt, teaching our children the Zodiac and Celestial Sphere, raising consciousness in humanity to a truly cosmic level. It is a task that some of us loathed, but one that I have enjoyed immensely.”

            He then went on to reveal that not only was I the latest Star Person to result from his seed, but other members of our Nuahj cult were also tied up in this millennia-long Master Plan of Manipulation. Our souls were linked by threads of Fate woven together by Ramasuk and company long before we were born.

            Now we are going deep into the Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence room of Chapel Perilous. Most of the Star People who enter under these circumstances never, ever get out again, convinced that their special status makes this their destination stop in the labyrinth. I am not a fan of this view, since it implies a brutal elitism and pomposity that no ego can ward off for long.

            I am also quite skeptical of the overall scheme. Although Ramasuk proved to be a great, life-long friend of mine, an intelligence that I love and trust to this day, I still come close to resenting his intrusion into my life when I think back on how our cult was tooled by the Sirian agenda.

            My sorest spot involves Allison, my girlfriend during the early Nuahj days. She and I had a wild, exciting relationship until Ramasuk revealed to us that Allison was actually the reincarnation of his long-lost love, Qhamaxien, an Egyptian priestess who Ramasuk had romanced thousands of years ago. The spirit of Qhamaxien soon began pushing her way up to the surface of Allison’s consciousness, ripping her mind apart in the process. In the end, the channeling of Qhamaxien for one night, allowing her and Ramasuk to be together in our bodies, virtually destroyed Allison’s mind and terminally wounded our relationship.

            No apologies were given for this brutal Manipulation, since our petty lives were “merely” the result of the Sirian agenda to begin with. Ask around any other cult that indulges in this type of channeling and you will find many similar stories.

            Sometimes, it is not so wonderful after all to be one of the Star People.


But then there were the Good times- moments of pure Awe and Mystery. Let me share with you just a taste of the magick.

            On July 23, 1990 Ramasuk requested that we drive to the nearby Mystic Marinelife Aquarium. New instructions were being transmitted from his home planet, near the white dwarf star Sirius B, the invisible companion to Sirius A.

            To hear these new orders, the Sirian needed to talk to the dolphins.

            On the ride to Mystic, Ramasuk revealed that dolphins are actually native to Sirius B, and that, in fact, his species was a kind of super-evolved dolphin. They just left their original bodies behind. But that is not all. According to the Sirians, their dolphin brethren have the ability to hyper-leap, in the same fashion as the Tsathoggua frogs, from planet to planet. The dolphins allegedly used an unknown space-folding technique that was accomplished via sound and water pressure. They could literally sing vortexes of energy into being and jump through them, directly from the planet around Sirius B to the waters of any other planet their imaginal hyper-sonar could find.

            “There is only one Ocean in the Universe,” Ramasuk opined.

            I was channeling him for the event, which meant that my astral form was ghosting him through the Aquarium, my etheric cord pulling me around as I were a balloon held by Ramasuk.

            When he made telepathic contact with the dolphin, I was glammered beyond belief with images of Dreamsong containing pure and perfect communications. I could not understand what was being exchanged, but I sure did marvel at it.

            This is my most treasured cube from my wall of Sirius Business.

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Comment by Steve Prellwitz on December 5, 2011 at 1:39am

You're welcome, Jody. Do you have Sirius connections?

Comment by Jody Says on November 30, 2011 at 4:11pm

thanks for posting this.

Comment by Green Lantern on July 27, 2011 at 12:59pm
sorry about the few dozen typos >

Comment by Green Lantern on July 27, 2011 at 12:54pm
I would like to think that whomever is responsible for the evolution of humnity is highly more evolved than we are. And to help get a visual of what this would look like, let's like at the difference between the enlightened and the animal. enlightened=human example at its most evolved mastering virtues over vices (let's just say the dalai lama-not that he's 'perfect', just maybe more evolved)    and     the animal= regressed hedonistic human engulfed in the ego, the walking unconscious whom only seeks self pleasures at the expense of others. we've seen the animal< lower human before. now they hold the great potential as well, but wether or not theyll ever work and discipline themselves enough to improvise is up to them. there are also examples of the higher human that has elevated above  such things like desire. They are more of a projector than they are an absorber. We typical humans are co-creators of the reality of the earth's surface. the absorbing parasitic mentalities control nothing external. they only consume lie a blackhole. the projective have better chances of externalizing their wishes< which they may not have as many being over 'petty desires'. i would just like to think that the god/s responsible for our evolution wouldnt say 'the human race is so f'd up right now'. I'd like to imagine that the gods have mastered patience and love. That everything very well does have its place, its meaning and purpose; that everyhting is going exactly as planned.
Comment by Steve Prellwitz on July 26, 2011 at 3:45pm

The Prince Who Was A Thousand is in an unique position. He is a teleportationist, among other things, and this is even rarer than a master of temporal fugue. In fact, he is the only one of his kind. He can transport himself, in no time at all, to any place that he can visualize. And he has a very vivid imagination. Granting that any place you can think of exists somewhere in infinity, if the Prince can think of it too, he is able to visit it. Now, a few theorists claim that the Prince’s visualizing a place and willing himself into it is actually an act of creation. No one knew about the place before, and if the Prince can find it, then perhaps what he really did was make it happen. Positing infinity, the rest is easy.

Roger Zelazny, Creatures of Light and Darkness


Comment by Steve Prellwitz on July 26, 2011 at 2:47pm

Sun, I definately feel a mutual respect with you and this entire community. However I am not defending my beliefs, since I have no beliefs ;)


These existential issues are important beause of the way they affect dialogue in the Platonic sense. We can only talk meaningfully about alternative Choices for holodeck software; I refuse to indulge in meaningless debates comparing one holodeck system to another. This sophistry is often used by so-called Adepts or Authorities to divert perception away from any issue which would force them to admit that Objective Authority does not exist. Not that I am accusing YOU of such tactics, Sun. Of course. It is just a perpetual problem of perception that must be nipped in the bud otherwise plagues of assumptions can infect the mutual idea population.

Comment by Steve Prellwitz on July 26, 2011 at 1:39pm

Sun, thanks for posting this ADORABLE video!


Also, just want to apologize if I offended you in any way in my strongly presented position; it is important to me, however, that I be dealt with in the context that I intend- that is, Total Equality.

Comment by cymaglobe on July 26, 2011 at 1:20pm
This was written in the bible. In that day the cat and the canary will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all.
Comment by cymaglobe on July 26, 2011 at 1:09pm

How did he find out?  


Today a student at my local doctors-office was allowed to use me as a guinea pig. I had a birthmark on my chin that had grown a bit too big which had to be removed. (I always cut it open during shaving.)  A student was allowed to do the operation. I fully trusted the guy who seemed to know what he was doing. First the student was instructed to examine the skin-fold otherwise they wouldn't know how to cut and that would leave a scar. The student said to the doctor this really is a very very hard and thick skin. There is also not really one direction in which the skin folds. Its more a folding to all sides shaped structure. The doctor looked and said. mmmm you are right. Lets just cut it vertically. So the reason for this response....i don't know...i met a doctor and a student and they removed a birthmark. :-)

Comment by kozmikfish }@> on July 26, 2011 at 12:43pm
so i was at a wedding over the weekend, i went solo as well as did a friend of bride.  we were just going to hang for the event.  now this guy is gorgeous...flat out  i even keep tellinghim, " wow, you are so pretty."  he looked like what i  imagine a pleiadian to look later in the evening this person asks, " have you ever heard of pleiadians?"  i responded, " of course i have, i have live a hundred lives."  then he proceeded to tell me he was a pleiadian...i was cracking up.  we started talking about spirituality and such... thenhe tells me how the human race is so f'ed up now and i agreed.  then just as we way drunk guy came up to yell in our faces and shake his ass all over the just started laughing soohard..... way too the reason for this response....i don't know...i met a pleiadian and they are just as pretty as they are made out to be....:)

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