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Societal Establishment of Emotional Concepts

In understanding self the process of unlearning is vital. In order to truly know self one must be able to separate from concepts that were indoctrinated and recognize the true state of being that is present in all things. The most popular of indoctrinated concepts is the state of emotional distress. This distress can be established under multiple titles: fear, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt. All of these concepts are fabrications of the lower self meant to maintain oppressive control by manipulating the ego.

To overcome these concepts one must let go of the ego's possession and establish a state of innerstanding. Only through peering inward and comprehending the root of one's emotions can release occur. There is no progressive growth that can occur without the experience of adaptation, and adapting can only be done in a state of conscious acceptance of self, of all aspects of self. In essence, to release fear one must accept the necessities for survival; to release guilt one must accept the responsibility for their action; to release shame one must accept the actuality of occurrence; these concepts can only be released by being accepted. 

Depression is nothing more than a fabrication of self loathing and anxiety is simply the fabrication of false assurance. To deny one's own suffering is to reject the need for growth thus composing a self fulfilling prophecy of perpetual sorrow. To inflate one's ability is to reject the capacity for growth thus composing a self fulfilling prophecy of perpetual stagnation. Growth is a necessity of existence, just as it is a necessity for restoration. To remain stagnant is to cease to exist just as to sustain sorrow is to relinquish life. 

The only concept to be relinquished is the ego. In all perceptions the process of releasing the ego remains common. Essential in this process is to grant the lower self the opportunity to experience the full range of emotional states composed. Only after these states are experienced in totality can they be truly comprehended. Once comprehension occurs release becomes not only essential, but unavoidable. Once the ego is released higher conscious is free to expand.

Lead with peace and find harmony

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Comment by John Savlove on June 30, 2019 at 5:00am

"Lead with peace and find harmony".

Six words that say it all.

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