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Sound is alive and all symbols emit a sound.

 Greetings fellow selves,

     We are down the ladder through the infinite rabbit hole and if you haven't, pls read my previous blogs because you might miss some synchronsitc info that is meant to be sequenced in order to fully understand the dynamics I am about to speak about.

     We have determined that light is alive. If you understand how 3d holograms work then you understand how reality works. We are in a hologram of light and dark. Our bodies are holograms of light and darkness. We are not speaking of darkness being the absence of light, but it is believed to have invaded the system during a schism. The darkness is a separate entity in itself. Born out of ignorance of what it was or how it came to be, it believed itself supreme until it was (pun intended) enlightened. The Nag Hammadi's Secret Book of John speaks of the being that was spawned from Sophia called Yaldabaoth. These are systems (programs) of the matrix 3d hologram.

     Angels are protectors of light including us. Long ago Churches use to build huge organs made out of metal pipes that they used to see these angels. When a specific perfect combination of tones were played on these organs at a certain loudness in conjunction with the walls of the buildings it would create waves or tones that would allow the higher dimensions to be seen. It would begin with seeing the waves of sound in midair. These waves would then emit light and then the angels themselves would appear. The knowledge of how to build these organs in conjunction with the specific construction of the churches themselves to accommodate and propagate these sound waves has been lost.


     The reason that symbols are so important is they emit a sound frequency. Everything is sound. If you take the study of cymatics as we spoke of in the past blogs then you see sound creating symbols. The reverse is also true. The problem is we are basically blind symphonicly. We can't hear even 1% of what is really here. So no wonder we don't know this info. It is hidden. It is occult.

     The whole reason Reiki works is because the Master creates symbols that millions of ppl view and agree on is used for healing. Remember my previous blog on omens? Well this dictionary of reiki symbols are believed by all these people in their reality so it makes it more powerful. Recall the power of belief! When a master makes a symbol to break open an energy center that is clogged up and diseased because the energy can not flow properly, it forces the reconstruction of the genetic blueprint of sound waves in the human body which is made of sound and light and darkness.

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