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Every Esoteric Order has the right to (and should) work autonomously and on its own authority.


Furthermore, each Esoteric Order should not tread on the toes of another Order by commenting on or criticizing their Esoteric Rites and Rituals.


That is why the "Tagma Ermeas TrisMegistos" advocates that Acceptance is the Hypostasis and Stability is the Basis of the Esoteric Path.


But this does not mean that different Esoteric Orders cannot work together.


On the contrary, they should collaborate by setting as their common goal the Harmonization of Humanity, with each esoteric Order performing its own Esoteric Ritual independently.


The “Tagma Ermeas TrisMegistos” is open to and seeks fraternal contacts and relations with any reputable Esoteric Organization which has an Esoteric Continuity, without having the slightest intention to get involved in its Esoteric Rites and Rituals and vice versa, with the sole goal of Harmonizing Humanity.

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Comment by Philippos Tleemon on September 1, 2020 at 1:13am

As long as they work together in the sphere of reality and not of illusion...

Comment by peter henry daley on August 28, 2020 at 4:34am

The different orders work together but never seem to communicate with each other.

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