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Star of David Cosmology: July 23 & July 29: Celebrating Ego, the Elements of Creation and YOU!!



On July 23, the Star Sirius rises and on July 29 there will be a Star of David manifesting cosmologically. It signifies a war has ended – the tipping point has been reached. Equality for all is now irreversible.  The negative Ego has been conquered and the positive EGO is FREE and on the rise!

The Star of David is the symbol of Sirius and is the great significator of Equality. As it has every year since the year zero, Sirius rising on the 23rd celebrates our return to the Ideals of Oneness.

It signifies we have taken back the power of our true blue Voice. Listening to Heart…the ear of the H.Ear.T.

The Blue Light of Truth is on across the World. May its tribe increase. So Mote it be and So it IS.

Thank you.

On the 29th a Star of David will appear in the sky. It is a metaphysical truth that whatever we wish to manifest we thank for in advance. This cosmological event is our thank you as is every Solstice and Equinox and Rising of Sirius.

But this signifies our tipping point in the early years of the Age of Aquarius – we have  transcended the past of inequality of the Feminine and our collective pain of this disrespect . Now it is the great work to embrace the Masculine and create Peace.

More detail below but please read what this symbology means to you NOW.


The TREE OF LIFE: The Elements that comprise the Feminine (Earth/Water) and Masculine (Air/Fire) within:

Produces The Hieros Gamos: the sacred marriage of Respect within.                  This respect reflects in all relationships on the outer.

Don’t like what you see mirrored “out there” change “in here” (inside).

This respect moving from the restriction of beliefs to the expansion of living from Ideals creates a Mature Ego. This means releasing all the conditioning of the Epigenetic definitions of what comprises the female and the male.

·        A Mature Ego has been referred to in time as Horus: One who does not judge so as to be the Neutral Witness.


·        A Mature Ego is Detached (Feminine) – does not take things personally, Objective (Masculine) – listens to feelings and facts and thus IS neutral (I AM Essence) – knows all are at different stages of learning unconditional love that brings Peace. 


·        A Mature Ego is in Dominion with the Elements of Creation and creates a Reality that is Just for ALL.

We manifest our reality from the Etheric, the 5th Element. We are meant to be the 6th Element, the Synergy, free of conditioning so as to be unconditionally loving.  

Sirius rises on July 23rd!

It is a high holy day of the Elements in Dominion and for all the seasons of the Earth and Humanity.  We are in dominion as never before in the past 80,000 years of the 2nd wave of humanity that has populated this planet.

Finally we are ending the martyr, the tolerance for Power over and demanding our birth right:  Power with responsibility to Heart. This begins with each of us being the Change. Our inner is a mirror of the outer.

The symbol of the Star of David way predates the usage of it by the Hebrews. It is a symbol of HaQabala or Hibaru the ancient lost language of numbers.

This rose by its many names through time is a Hexagram. It is the symbol of the star Sirius. The equilateral triangle reaching down (The Feminine) and the equilateral triangle reaching up (the Masculine) is the symbol of the Feminine and Masculine in balance. It is the symbol of all that we know of as the sacred spiral that is the Yin Yang and more.

The Hexagram is the emblem of the four yearly Equinox and Solstice celebrations of the Equality of the Feminine and Masculine.


Isis name is contained in the word Sirius. The Isis within reclaims the lost parts of self: Osiris (Her name is there too) to birth the one Eye of Horus.

This Rebirths the 6th Chakra that is energy of the Hexagram.

This is Ascension.

Please Note: FEMININE IS ( –) MASCULINE IS ( I )and together = +


July 29 Star of David in the Sky!!!

What is occurring on the 29th is a magnificent testament to the grand attractor that is Sirius. Our Scientists know we are in a "tractor" beam of alliance with Sirius. What is happening on the 29th is that we are being shown visible evidence that the war within has ended for the majority.

We are in the time of the Heiros Gamos, the sacred marriage. It is up to each of us to reap these benefits. Earth and water of course are the elements of the Feminine/Soul. The Feminine always makes space for the Masculine/Spirit. Spirit seeks Soul and Soul waits for Spirit's return with the healing of the ego: The I AM Essence.  

What the author of the article below does not say is that when Earth and Water (Feminine/Soul) are in accord so too is Air and Fire (Masculine/Spirit). That is the why of the shape of the double tetrahedron that is called the Star of David now in the sky. 

Also what I know is that the month of July the 7 and the date of 29 - 2 is the Cosmic Dreamer and 9 is the Muses that comprise the Source Field = 11 in the Runes.

11 in the Runes is the sign/sine of the Ying Yang! 7 is the P Rune: In the Tarot it is the Chariot.

7  Choice : The Chariot  Wynja:  Power of Senses, self worth and esteem the Drive to create in dominion with the elements of Earth Air Fire Water and the Etheric.

Squaring the Circle:

Also mathematically if the Moon is drawn down to the earth - diameter 11 - then a heavenly circle through the moon has a radius of 7


Please spend this day in gratitude. as to who you are, have been and are becoming MORE of: the Aeon.

20 in the Tarot is the Aeon. In the Runes it is the cleansing power of water to clear the wounds of the feminine we all carry as females and males.

20 00 is the century (100) that is the Wheel of Fortune 10 reflecting/mirroring the 01 the magician: 10+1 = 11

7+29=36 +2013 = 2049 = 15 Pan Nature/6 The Lovers - the 3rd eye that sees as the Neutral Witness w/o judgment

20 + 49 = 69   =  Alpha and Omega Infinity: Beginnings and Endings


This from my Mayankin Source - web site below

July 29 – Grand Sextile or Double Trine in Water and Earth

Sharing Ginger McCord’s words, astrologer and publisher of Indigo Sun Magazine, “the configuration is due to a Grand Trine in Earth plus a Grand Trine in Water – thus creating the Star. Briefly, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and the Moon are involved. Viewed on an astrological chart it will be seen as the star of David. This is very rare – in fact another time this alignment happened was February 7, 1945, the beginning of the end of WWII”. For additional information, you can read Robert Brown’s article on July’s edition of Indigo Sun, page 14.

for more info on other important dates:

Another world is not only possible, she is on
her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.  --Arundhati Roy

SwanRA....a Messenger


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Comment by SwanRa on July 26, 2013 at 12:56pm

Comment by SwanRa on July 25, 2013 at 8:18pm

Wanted to share this is about Cosmic Power. Enjoy. Of course I know you know this but it is a beautiful sharing by the author.

Comment by SwanRa on July 25, 2013 at 8:08pm

Dear Soulosophy.....thank you for the quote you chose about being the is a reminder to me that I am a gardener and that I plant seeds. A gardener is patient and knows it takes time to is my lesson to learn this patience with me, my world and the world.

Also thank you for sharing the site with me....I found much to read and savor. I particularly liked the advice of finding our own meaning instead of quoting others. Esoteric knowledge is meant to be a springboard in my view. We all have to move more into our Ideals....the true expansion energy. What an amazing time we are living much coming to the surface....

We are meant to be the Synergy of the 12 - the 13the Skull that is Ophiuchus, the Snake Handler, don't you think? Is this not the seat that Mithras,Buddha, Jesus, Odin, Arthur sat at with their table of 12 - their astro chart!  I think Isis and Morgana knew Lilith well as did Eve. And did Jesus, et al those men who history reveres but misses the point....they healed their feminine.

Love SwanRa

Comment by SwanRa on July 25, 2013 at 7:48pm

Thank you Abraxiahamun for your insightful comments. I love the bellum bella correct! I feel so much has happened this year of 20 (the Aeon) 13 (Death/Rebirth/Change) and that so much beauty has emerged from my being that I am astonished! I am so grateful to all for all.

Now it is really longer needing to hang on to the nest....but to truly be free of the past and FLY. And as you see witness the DANCE........light energy music!!! All is Music.

I am so excited for you about your work being produced wonderful....I hope to hear it someday. Can you post it on your page?

Love SwanRa.

Comment by Soulosophy on July 23, 2013 at 5:56pm

Great post.

""A seed of consciousness is planted in the minds of those who observe it, the seed will grow according to the energy, polarity, and vibration given to it. The choice is yours, as you have been blessed with free will. Within the great wheel of the zodiac aligns this hexagon, which is multidimensional as are all forms. It is also the cube and the tesseract. What do these shapes mean to you? What does the energy of the planets and constellations mean to you? For that is all that will matter. Let no other tell you what will come, what should come, or what may come. It is your mind that will manifest the fruits from the seed. The alignment serves as a metaphorical garden of heaven, the soil is prime and ready to nourish the seed, all that remains is the time and energy you shall give to it." (

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