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A post from my blog on Wordpress: The Still Mind

In a world such as this, one in which we humans have created such unnecessary competition and stress, the concept of a still mind may seem to be something one has no hope to obtain. However, it is possible. What is a still mind? It can be described as a mind free from the susceptibility to the enticements of the constant borage of thoughts which the brain is subject to every waking moment of every day. In other words, a mind like the feathers of a duck when it is caught in the rain. It would be impossible, grossly tedious and time consuming to attempt to avoid every single rain drop that falls from the sky. Thus a ducks feathers allow for the drops to run right of, leaving no place for the drops to abide. It is as a serene lake in a quiet dawn. Clouds passing over head are reflected in the water, then are no more when the clouds have gone. 

To reveal the stilled mind, first ask who is looking for a still mind? Which thought is the one that wants to be still? Or which past experience, and future want is the one that strives for stillness. Who are you?  

Relax the body and meditate, observing the erratic din of the thought mill as it runs around the brain. See what the thoughts do. Observe with no intention and no imposition of will. Any attempt to direct or regulate the thoughts will stir the water, akin to kicking up the sediment of a pool of containing particulate. 

It is important to avoid becoming irritated if (or more likely, when) thoughts bombard your mental space. As time goes on, the thoughts will fall away of their own accord, but do not force it–to uncover stillness, one must place oneself in the position to receive it.

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Comment by John Savlove on November 26, 2018 at 4:36am

I learned the phrase "like water off a duck's back" from an interview with Paul McCartney. He was replying to a question about critics and other frustrations attached to being a Beatle. Very much in tune with what you are saying here .... you let the negative emotions fall like rain without flurrying the feathers.

Comment by The Hekatic Oracle on January 5, 2013 at 6:33pm

Very well put, Being. Thank you for reading my post. Extraneous thoughts really do get in the way of the aspect of consciousness that acts below the surface, and that aspect is extremely instrumental in manifestations of experience. Tuning "in" instead of tuning "out" does indeed allow for interconnected consciousness to come to the surface, something that I can definitely say from personal experience.

Comment by Being on January 4, 2013 at 6:26pm

"Drop the 'Racing MInd' is what I tell myself as I go 'In".  Not filling your mind with everyday thoughts leaves room for something special to come in. At first for most it is hard but empty your mind and quietly stay. After a while try to recognize the 'mental impressions' that come to you. After a while for those who have been doing it, and recognizing where it comes from, it may almost sound like a voice. That's rare but mostly try to recognize those' mental impressions'. It is your Higher Self. The Higher Self. Guidance is there.(Sphere 4) Recognize it. Change  your life.

Comment by The Hekatic Oracle on January 2, 2013 at 6:37pm

Thank you for reading

Comment by Adam Kadmon on January 2, 2013 at 6:20pm

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