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Couple of years ago, I have met someone very special to me. A girl, a quiet opposite of my nature though we have completed eachother perfectly. We had most amazing experiences together however we could not be together due to different reasons. We both were agreed that we must have had met eachother in our previous lives somehow hence the connection between us was very deep into the soul.


Anyways, to make the story short, I have moved to another city and our connection weakened even though she was always in my heart and evening prayers. And then couple of days ago, I have travel to the city where she lives, a city of 1 million population. She had birthday on May 13 and without knowing if her sms or mail adress was still valid, I have sent her an happy birthday message saying that it was long time ago and if she would celebrate her birthday alone, I would like to invite her out, she could respond back if she was interested.(I haven't told her where I stayed). Did not hear anything back from her. Deep inside I have really wished to meet her again somehow, somewhere on her birthday. God knows.


So, I was at the city on her birthday, at our office, all day working. And around the afternoon, I wanted to leave earlier and go to my hotel for check-in. Small things showed up, responding couple of mails, so I was delayed. And finally one of my colleagues said that he will drive me to my hotel. I said OK. On the way, he took a wrong turn so the trip to my hotel took a bit longer. I got of his car said thanks and goodbye.


I entered into the lobby. And then suddenly I noticed someone I knew. I was shocked. It was the girl, shining like a star and looking amazing. I could not understand. In a million different hotels, what was she doing at the looby of the hotel where I would check in ???

I said hi to her. She said to me what are you doing here ? I asked her the same question. Appearently we both were shocked. She had both changed mail adress and phone number and did not get my message. She was there and invited by her best girlfriend and they would have a glass of champaigne, she said. It has even more confused me. Why there ? why not somewhere else in the whole city ? why just in that moment ? why did I get delayed at the office all the time ? What in the God's name ???


My best guess is that the two souls desired to see eachother. At least I have desired to meet her on her birthday. I have a very difficulty to believe that it just was coincidense. And still wondering and trying to understand what was it all about ?

Was it that ? When we want something with full heart, the whole universe conspires in helping to achieve it ? Or is it another Divine message ?






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Comment by Nemo on May 14, 2013 at 2:26pm

Great story!  Thanks for posting.

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