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Tagma:: Ermeas:: TrisMegistos:: 
Acceptance is the basis of the Esoteric Path


The Order “Tagma Ermeas TrisMegistos” (T::E::T::M::) is an Initiatory Organization whose purpose is to create Esoteric Vibrations, so that its Members can come into contact with the Divine level.
The etymology of the word “
Tagma” derives from the ancient Greek verb “τάσσω” (tasso) and denotes the state of “order” and of “living under rules”.
The Order “
Tagma Ermeas TrisMegistos” follows the Pythagorean Tradition and is a pure continuation of the Esoteric Order founded (established/revived) by Emile Dantinne on 15/8/1919 and continued by Jean Mallinger.
It is an Organization without any financial assistance/subscription, so that the Initiatory development of its Members depends exclusively on strict Esoteric criteria.
In the 
Decathlon link you can find the analysis for the Ten Esoteric Stages of T::E::T::M.


The “Tagma Ermeas TrisMegistos” is open to and seeks fraternal contacts and relations with any reputable Esoteric Organization which has an Esoteric continuity, without having the slightest intention to get involved in its Esoteric rites and rituals and vice versa.

If you wish to contact us, please do so at:

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Comment by Philippos Tleemon on July 23, 2020 at 8:36am

@Jurgens Pieterse thank you very much for your interest.

We have received your email and The Protodidaskalos (Head Instructor) of the Order shall answer to you soon.

Comment by Jurgens Pieterse on July 22, 2020 at 9:46am

Sound very interesting, I have sent you an email.

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