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Being started moving in a wholly quickening acceleration. As the acceleration hit infinity, the wholly quickening made the motion cross over previous positions all at once. Every position was crossed. Together these crossings were all and as the acceleration continued it became all in all, as all was in the being. By the wholly quickening acceleration in being we all became holy. As the quickening continues after all is holy, life in all is renewed in a new moment of equilibrium with the acceleration. Life this way has a potential to be eternal for all.

Life started out as eternal for a single being, who then became everyone as mortals, using infinitesimal bits of the eternity for each mortal. These infinitesimal bits were filled, by the wholly quickening acceleration as it crossed itself, with bodies that had the potential to connect with all other bodies. They were spiritual bodies. As life in all is renewed by the wholly quickening acceleration, all beings has a chance to connect with their spirit bodies to all other spirit bodies and as that is done, we love. Love is the way that we stay in the presence of God, being all in all ourselves, as our spirits.

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