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Greetings Seekers - veterans and new members of the community alike.

I wanted to write and bring some things to the attention of many, if possible, in means of helping to make EO a beneficial community for as many as possible. I know it is difficult at times, and can be a bit overwhelming at first when arriving at a community such as EO, where there is so much content and so many members - where to start, what to do? Please rest assured, these answers will come in time, a time that is right for YOU - which is most important!


As some of you may have heard the website term "Content is King", while this may be true in many aspects, having a community we can truly call home, a place where we can all feel comfortable sharing, and each doing our part to ensure this occurs is equally important. Keeping the community alive and thriving becomes quite important in this aspects, and it is truly and most definitely something that requires as many, if not each and every of us as possible, to make this happen. 

We have tried very hard to make sure the tools are in place to help with this, no matter ones level of participation - from casual seeker, to community architect, everyone here has a chance to contribute to EO in as little, or as much as they feel comfortable.

Using the Website - For many just arriving at EO this may be a great place to start, as it provides a list of basic "How-To's" on participating with the community.

Chat - While chat is a great feature available which we can all use to communicate in real-time, try to not be discouraged if others are busy at the time - stick around, browse the site and explore some of the vast amount of content available here - people will be on chat sooner than you might expect, lets be patient :)

Specific Subjects - One of the easiest ways to find information and others interested in a particular subject, the Path Portals are a great place to start. There will be many more added soon, in fact some will be later today, so feel free to explore this area of the site to get a good idea where specific information may be found:

The community here at EO is truly "what we make it", everyone has a great deal of freedom in determining what one may benefit from here, as well as others - lets work together to try and make EO a great place for this to occur (it is of great benefit to everyone here (maybe not right away, but at some point it most definitely will). It is nice to feel welcome here from the very start, each of us have a chance to help someone feel welcome, by acknowledging it and saying a quick welcome or hello on their profile, and then maybe if and when we see them come into chat- you can use the following article to help make this easier - you making the effort, and making it your own, IS what makes it genuine.

In addition to this, we have put up and gathered many similar articles to assist you in helping with this initiative, as a community Architect:

For example - If we truly wish for a particular group to become more active, one of the most effective means to this is to be active in the group ourselves - post a question, relay something you have learned on the subject, or simply share your thoughts or a quote (everyone in the group gets notified of this new activity). If you do not find a group is a good fit for you, Create a Group - many here can and will assist you in this effort. There is much more than can be said along these lines, but I trust everyone has a good idea about what this means - let us get creative in these efforts!

If you have any ideas of this initiative, by all means mention it to us, comment here, or post it in the Community Architects Group, but ultimately the most effective means of this is to put your idea into practical application - individual incentive goes a long way around here, and does not go un-noticed. I fyou feel like you are one that wants to become a more active contributor to community growth, and participate in shaping it - please become a Community Architect, and we will help you in any way we can.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciate by everyone here (even if it doesn't seem so at the time), your presence alone is very special to us - lets make this happen together, and see where things can go as a true community and team. We are all in this together, you are not alone, but part of a great movement to expand our own levels of consciousness, while assisting the collective to do the same.

As we grow, individually and as a community, I wanted to leave the following quote, which means a great deal to me personally and as a member of the community here.

"Mysticism teaches cosmic laws and principles by which we are brought into closer consciousness of our divine power. The mystical experience of union with the One imposes upon the mystic a moral obligation — to use this knowledge for the welfare of others." Rosicrucian Manuscript

If you are ever in need of any assistance, many here would be more than happy to assist - try to ask in chat, or post to our Community Support Group - we will do everything we can to help you out, if we can't, we will do everything to help you find someone that can.

Thank you for your consideration to this post - and please by all means, make yourself at home. Not just in a sense, this community is truly each and every one of yours - trust this to be true, as it most certainly is.

In The Work,


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Comment by ☤Tris☤ on June 15, 2015 at 2:21am

You all are quite welcome - I hope it can be viewed as insightful, inspiring, as well as informative...

Comment by anki on June 14, 2015 at 11:21pm

Very useful post. Thanks

Comment by Raymond Joseph Micklon on June 14, 2015 at 8:06pm

Thank you Tris for your awareness and this post be well.

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