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The Creation of the Cosmos vs. A Mystic's Initiatory Path

In the attached pdf, you will find the presentation for the Creation of the Cosmos (Universe) according to the esoteric teachings of the Pythagorean Order “Tagma Ermeas TrisMegistos” (T::E::T::M).

It is based on a completely new numbering sequence for the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

The sequence is two-way: there is the standard downward sequence and there is the opposite upward sequence.

The downward sequence describes the Unfolding of the Cosmos whereas the upward sequence describes the Initiatory path that a Mystic takes in order to reach by experience, the Primordial Levels of Creation (States that exist even before the Big Bang).

I hope you find the presentation interesting and enjoyable.

Philippos Tleemon.Cosmos%2C%20Esotericism%20%26%20the%20Tarot.pdf

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