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Today, I received 1 fl. oz. of the Elixer of Gold, which I ordered from Alchemist Logan Kennedy. I placed a couple of drops under my tongue as I meditated on being bathed in an aura of white light. It is claimed to be a universal remedy for all ailments and was originally created by Paracelsus, who called it the Aurum Potable, or Oleum Auri.

Logan has followed Paracelsus' methods to create an enhanced form of it, that he claims is unmatchable. It is said that gold is also a gateway to hyperdimensional energy, and the element possesses the strongest gate to this hyperdimensional state on the periodic table. It is known to increase ones IQ and is the strongest orgone conductor/accumulator, that we know of, in existence. I will be self-administering it and looking forward to observing the effects of over the next few days.

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