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The Empire of the City World Super State . How Come I was not taught this stuff in school?

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Comment by ancestralblue on November 28, 2011 at 5:43pm

Right on Sun!

Comment by ancestralblue on November 28, 2011 at 5:43pm

  It seems that in the Arab world, what their feelings and belief systems are, bring the outcome that's inline with that (  or those).

   What's felt is the primary energy defining outcome. In the natural world that's all that counts.  We are an upright,walking, talking transmitter-receiver through the feeling self. Nothing nebulous about that...It's well known and a given.

   Fear that your horse will spook and jump and by virtue of your fear, that's what you're telling him to do and there you go eating dirt...Or dogs...your fear will get you bitten or ignored when you want to command them. Watch Cesar Milan( the dog whisperer) when he trains dogs of all kinds...even the dangerous ones...the first thing that he explains is what kind of energy the master is contributing to the situation.

    That's the simplest description and the fact that we throw in the use our neocortex...we just make that info bigger.

     We can waste our time fearing them...We all have some level of fear that we're working on... Dreaming of how we'll fight them as we recall all of the things that they do, giving them more and more power over us through that fear.Or we can see our path...straight ahead  and rearrange a picture where we are at a higher level, subordinating the lower level powers.

   It's what Steve Prellewitz like to say( Sorry if I've spelled your name incorrectly Steve).."You're alone on the holodeck..."


Comment by Sunmover on November 28, 2011 at 4:43pm

Comment by Hunter on November 28, 2011 at 12:30pm

Your rebuttal is logical and lucid but it still has its failings. This all depends on your faith  , FAITH  a nebulous word of an unknown quantity  . And this fits perfectly with the next point and that is in proving  the validity  of the Quantum Holo Matrix. (your Reference to 3d)   Now at this point I do take the care intuitively of which you speak, so as to not give this any more energy. But that said  I don't see all of the events ie Arab spring as being successful yet . Taking Egypt as the example of uprisings by the people.. When there is a power vacuum  we are still vulnerable. But I agree that these are precisely the actions that are needed  though they must be not ill founded. Like Occupy..The movement is taking on many faces . Like Anonymous.. and so on. 

To acknowledge that which I presented is to quantify it  if for no other reason than to decide whether you will endorse and follow or stand down your self. I just say that sooner or later you will have to face the issue whether it be Beast or Beauty ...

Comment by ancestralblue on November 28, 2011 at 9:57am

Yup...and those who have reconciled will have a different experience of 3D than those who don't.

  "The higher subordinates the lower". In that vein those that retain fear are harmonically inclined to experience what they fear. Those who have not the fear will harmonically bring to themselves the higher level experience.

   It's all a game. And the best way to win is not to become emotionally invested. That's what the powers want. They live off of the fear and that's what's used as a driving force.

   The faith that she places in the soul of the earth is also being reflected in what we see happening with the empirical plans. They're failing and as each one of us connects to the magical, mystical deeper accelerates their failure.

   WE can all do our work and a very small percentage of us can overturn what looks certain just by being who we are and remembering that what we focus on expands.

   It can be hard to do...but it is doable.

   Then we'll see that the monster was not more than an inflatable dummy.

Comment by Hunter on November 28, 2011 at 9:51am

"The case for awe is also a case for humility. “Remain true to the earth,” Zarathustra implored. To stand in naked awareness in the presence of the earth, in silent knowing—this is awesome. Intimacy with the planet keeps us wild, undomesticated, unwilling to submit to social conditioning. In “On Reading and Writing,” Nietzsche wrote: “Untroubled, scornful, outrageous—that is how wisdom wants us to be.” Sophia (wisdom) loves those who preserve and protect her ways, women and men alike, warriors in the line of beauty.

Comment by Hunter on November 28, 2011 at 9:26am

Granted , Sun is on target and for Sun who you just said has stood in the place where fear has no hold on her . That is good. Sun has done her work  and has reconciled her fear with her truth . This is also her comment    "My role is to convince no one of anything and to do that does not interest me in the least.   Belief system is king and perception and choices create our reality.  Shared dimensional space holds many realities. The following quote is about the Archons as they were called in the Sophia Mythos."

 Not every one gets to the Sophia from the starting gate . I know that Sun has been a Seeker for years. Thats one person pulling in the right direction. I love what she said  here 


BTW I have more faith in the soul that embodies Earth than in the power that seeks to corrupt.
 I also know that many people will never know the difference. I am not on a crusade but I do wish that more people  could use their peaceful voice as Ghandi did.
Comment by ancestralblue on November 28, 2011 at 9:06am

Intersting conversation and of course...anyone has the right to believe whatever does it for them.

  For my part...Sun is on target and I do believe she has stood in the place where fear of death has no hold on her. That's kind of obvious because it leads the thought patterns down a road where perception is altered and what once was longer has an effect.

  When that happens the EM field is charged with another type of energy. I think it's somewhat repellent and in the zone where the "higher subordinates the lower". Fear is a low frequency, highly magnetic force energy.

  She gets that.

   It's cat and mouse ( favorite term). The cat is drawn to the mouse as a result of his jerky fearful movements and the scent of fear ( frequency related) and thus the mouse is caught. But should the mouse lose his fear, the dynamics change and the cat becomes the fearful one. I've seen that first hand.

  We are an animal brained creature ( limbic system) at the base of the brain and topped by this wonderful neocortex. The way it is now, most folks respond through the animal brain, using the neocortex to justify what they do.'s supposed to be the other way around. The neocortex should be harnessing the energy of the limbic portion to use in a creative way...However, you can't do that when you're in fear of monsters...whatever they may be.

   Like I said...Sun is quite on target...At least in my book.


Comment by Sunmover on November 28, 2011 at 5:45am

My role is to convince no one of anything and to do that does not interest me in the least.   Belief system is king and perception and choices create our reality.  Shared dimensional space holds many realities. The following quote is about the Archons as they were called in the Sophia Mythos.

"They sought to overpower humanity in its psychological and perceptual functions... although they saw that human thinking was superior to theirs... For indeed their delight is bitter and their beauty is depraved. And their triumph is in deception (apaton), leading astray, for their own structure is without divinity."
The Apocryphon of John II, a Nag Hammadi text


Comment by Hunter on November 28, 2011 at 5:37am

That is fine  . I do not fear either . But Your Archons have been constantly moving date back further and further . We are supposed to be in a state of flux right now  but the only side effects I get is a sore but from waiting and an itchy head from scratching it trying to figure out what you are waiting for.

How do you rationalize the Tri City  Empire or do you . You cant tell me that it does not exist. What did Hitler do in the last world war . Nasa Nazi .. What did you say  ? Yes it means Nazi .  How do you see that ending.. Pray Tell . I can show you 10 videos to argue every one of yours . I don't like this . It is illogical . Not giving it any energy does not make it disappear. The Rothchilds and company have operated on their own energy just fine and with out the media for 400 years now . I think more people have to know what is being put over on us and if you and other people like you stick your head in the sand we will all go to the Fima chambers. How many people know about the  Tei city States or the Tri lateral comission or chinas gost cities , just a little tangent there but to show the point . What percent of the western population have any idea of 5 % of what we talk about on Esoteric Online. 

With all due respect....

By the way I know the Term Fear Porn   Have you heard that you are not paranoid if they are really coming for you ... 

Good night Sun

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