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The Empire of the City World Super State . How Come I was not taught this stuff in school?

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Comment by Sunmover on November 28, 2011 at 5:23am

BTW I have more faith in the soul that embodies Earth than in the power that seeks to corrupt.

Comment by Sunmover on November 28, 2011 at 5:22am

My point - for me - is that I give no more energy in what negative polarities are seeking to do as I've learned that the only power/energy they work with is what we give them. 

Comment by Hunter on November 28, 2011 at 5:18am

Hahaha. I was really not surprised when I came across this stuff a while back . The fact that they lend both parties of a battle or a war including both world wars so they bolster each warring party is well weaponized ( as they will sell each side the weapons as well ) but then they rake in enormous wealth by height interest rates. It was Hitlers objective to take the world for the Rothchilds but failed . It is just rumored that they may try it again . I heard that they may even carry out some diabolical act which is so horrific that I just can't mention it. After all they did facilitate the destruction of their own WTC . I hope your right Sunmover . But they are not building out FEMA and underground facilities for nothing and when George B SR announces that the NWO is just around the corner and then he goes and buys 100,000 acres on a giant aquifer in Paraguay where there is no extradition treaty with the USA. It just don't sound like a sunday school picnic. I am wondering where your evidence to support your opinion is .. It helps to have some.

Comment by Sunmover on November 28, 2011 at 5:10am
Comment by Sunmover on November 28, 2011 at 5:07am

As you wish.  That last video was presented as another alternative view.  I personally no longer buy into any of the NWO fear based ideologies or worry about whatever the Rothschilds and other greedy psychotics are doing or plan to do.  Been there done that and have moved on.  Are you familiar with the gnostic teachings about the Archons?  I would sum the NWO as archontic manipulation. 

Comment by Hunter on November 28, 2011 at 5:05am
Comment by Hunter on November 28, 2011 at 5:04am
Comment by Hunter on November 28, 2011 at 5:04am

What are the three city states and do they rule the world?


The flag in Washington's District of Columbia has 3 red stars, each symbolizing a city state within the three city empire. The three city empire consists of Washington D.C., London, and Vatican City. London is the corporate center of the three city states and controls the world economically. Washington's District of Columbia city state is in charge of the military, and the Vatican offers spiritual guidance. The constitution of the district of Columbia operates under a tyrannical roman law known as lex fori, which in no way resembles the U.S. constitution.

When congress passed the act of 1871, it created a separate corporate government for the District of Columbia. This allowed the District of Columbia to operate as a corporation outside the constitution. 

If you take a moment to study some signed treaties and charters between the United States and Britain, you will find that the United States has always been a British crowned Colony. In 1606, King James (yes, the King James who revised the bible) signed the charter of Virginia. The charter granted Americas British forefathers a license to settle and colonize America. The charter also guaranteed future kings and queens of England would have sovereign authority over all citizens and colonized land in America.

In 1783, the Paris peace treaty was signed. This treaty identifies the King of England as the prince of the United States contradicting the belief that America won the war of independence. And although King George III of England gave up most claims over his American colonies, he kept his right to continue receiving payments for his business ventures of colonizing America. If America won the war of independence, why would the agree to pay reparations to the king.

When the 13th amendment to the constitution was passed, the U.S. president was made subservient to the King of England. The 13th Amendment (the title of nobility amendment) forbids U.S. officials from using royal titles like king, or prince. For some strange reason though, the 13th amendment which was ratified in 1810 no longer appears in current copies of the U.S. constitution.

The war of independence against the British bankrupted America and turned its citizens into debt slaves of the king. In 1812, the British torched and burned the white house and all U.S. government buildings to the ground, destroying many ratification records of the U.S. constitution.

Then, nearly a century later, a corrupt U.S. congress committed the biggest theft in world history. They passed Paul Warburgs federal reserve act of 1913, handing over Americas gold and silver reserves (and total control of Americas economy) to the federal reserve bank. Most Americans still believe the FED is owned by the government, but it is not. The FED is a privately owned banking system whose majority class A shareholders include the Rothschild's, Warburgs, J.P. Morgan, the Rockefeller's and the Lehman brothers.

Most U.S. citizens believe the United States is a country and the president is its leader, but the U.S. is not a country, it is a corporation, and the president is not our leader, he is the president of the corporation of the U.S. The president, along his elected officials work for the corporation, not for the American People. 

So, who owns the giant U.S. corporation? Like Canada and Australia, whose leaders are prime ministers of the queen, and whose land is called crowned land, the U.S. is just another crowned colony. Crowned colonies are controlled by the empire of the three city states. Thus, the U.S. is controlled by the three city states.

Let's get into some symbolism. At the center of each city state are giant phallic shaped stone monum

Comment by Hunter on November 28, 2011 at 4:57am

Gee  I wish I had your crystal ball .  So far you present as an absolutist. No one can be right but you. How can you present one little video by some self proclaimed expert with no degree on Sumarerian language nor history . Who piggy backs off of other peoples work which is ok to do But I would sure not be buying his proof on his word alone.. He says himself when asked where do the Annunaki come from . He said  he thought that they were humans but that they may have left the earth and returned . Well if so where is there ride.  

This  is weak by his own testimony.. Elohim is plural  but he wont go any where near the reference to it  in the Book of Genisis . That is where the subject of Giants and Mighty men of old...Are we just going to sweep these under the rug too. 

Now the Banking system, this is what we are really talking about is it not. Well the Rothchilds family have been around pulling the strings of the world finances for 400 years now . I'd say that they have made considerable progress. They already own a good part of the worlds gold and not by fair play . 

I will post a little something for you .

Comment by Sunmover on November 28, 2011 at 4:54am

This is one example of fear mongering but this psy -war runs across the board;

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