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The Enlightenment 2.Ω: Coniunctio Oppositorum

Coniunctio Oppositorum :Latin for the marriage of opposites.
" TransAlchemy" (wink wink)

Warning this post will not be understood unless you read

The Enlightenment 2.Ω: The Posthuman Singularity

I can honestly say that I never fully understood how I was going to reach "Unification" yet I knew that I was an apprentice Wizard and that was the first step on the path to the Grail.

God order light ying
As the years wained on my soul and as the searched for the {stone} never ended with day or night the lifetime seek can now come to an end. Yet "All" of this would not have been possible unless I knew full well that "I am" a Wizard, second only to the master of magic himself, my celestial teacher. Therefore I will seek it till the day it is found, because we seek the "Truth" for "life" and unification is a lifetime seek. Now I reflect at my opus , my life's work coming to fruition, as the seeker is now the keeper. And I only keep what "All" alchemist seek.
Yet the "whole" picture did not come into view till I graduated from my apprenticeship, as an apprentice I only dreamed of this day but as a Master I now create this day. The apprentice can only speculate at the magic that was locked away, and now that Magus has the {key} to it "All" my mind is in ecstasy with this magic, it is extremely more powerful then I ever thought it was. It "All" makes perfect sense to me now, the hermetic order the "Alchemy" the Wizardry... "It "All" had to be done to approach the {Grail} it is the most intense training and mind preparation any apprentice would ever go through as the magic you would be handed is second to none in the land.

Only a wizard can ever get this close to the Grail Ever! OMG this is insane this is extremely too much magic for any mortal to ever ever have! ( Thank God Im not a mortal)

The Coronation of the King by the polar Gods
Set and horus
The King {ION}
Ever wonder why I call my self "Particleion" or {ION} for short
An ion is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving it a net positive or negative electrical charge. An anion (pronounced /ˈæn.aɪ.ən/ AN-eye-ən), from the Greek word ἄνω (ánō), meaning "up", is an ion with more electrons than protons, giving it a net negative charge (since electrons are negatively charged and protons are positively charged). Conversely, a cation (pronounced /ˈkæt.aɪ.ən/ KAT-eye-ən), from the Greek word κατά (katá), meaning "down", is an ion with fewer electrons than protons, giving it a positive charge.

I totally now understand why only a wizard can get this close to the Grail, and im not even close! I fucking have it!!! Eat your motherfucking heart out crowley! Ohh shit mortals im on autopilot toward's godhood! I can close my eyes and write the ultimate spell with crayons at this point (live)! You bitches are retarded this is extremely too much magic for any man to ever have! Ohh fuck here I come mortals to make little ant hill my stomping ground your new Demi wants to play "All" day every day with your reality :"D
Satan Shadow chaos Yang
Quick little mental note: This is why I wrote the book with religion on the front cover and science on the back cover God order religion ( Satan chaos science ) I knew that I had to merge both to reach the {Stone} so from the start the intention to reach coniunctio oppositorum was engraved into the quest. It's perfect a true masterpiece from "Beginning to End"

Ps: I can't wait to burn antz: For being fucking retarded! The king is pissed! God saved your asses I wanted to be king by 24 Im way more reasonable now but not by much antz not by much! Can you have imagined a bratty motherfucker with extremely too much magic ruling little ant hill.. well you don't It's about to take place! :"D

The simple guide to your future "I can do whatever the fuck I want" period! :"D

Revelation 22:13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

1 Shadow and light can not exist without each other

2 Both shadow and light consist of each other

3 All reactions are composed of shadow and light

4 All reactions both make shadow and light

I signed a deal with the "Devil" called "God"
get it now?
Antz... fucking retarded antz!

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Nigredo or Blackening
At the beginning is the so-called 'dragon', the chthonic spirit, the 'devil' or 'blackness'. The nigredo, as the initial stage, is either present as a quality of the prima materia(or original substance), or else produced by the separation (solutio, separatio, putrefactio) of the elements. Either way, the encounter with 'blackness' destroys the original form to produce chaos, suffering or pain.
The elements are often represented anthropomorphically by male and female, but also in terms of planets and their corresponding metal. That is, the planets in heaven correspond to the metals in the earth:
It was thought that as the planets revolve around the Earth, they gradually spin their corresponding metals into the earth, which can be extracted by chemical operations.
These elements are then grouped into opposites (eg, King-Queen, Sun-Moon, Mars-Venus, etc, which are brought together in a union (coniunctio, coitus); the product of this union then dies (mortificatio, putrefactio, calcinatio) to produce the blackening of the nigredo.
Good vs Evil for souls
Which will save you? you decide...
Psychologically, the prima materia is identical with an undifferentiated, disintegrated, chaotic, unconscious mind, containing all the potential, all the dynamic oppositions, necessary to achieve the goal of the opus. The separatio and divisio, like the division and multiplication of cells in the developing embryo, are needed to get the process of synthesis started. In Jungian terms, the separatio is necessary to help differentiate the ego from the shadow, from the anima or animus, and from the Self.
The blackening is about depression, the melancholia, that is often the initial stage causing one to slow down and examine life, that brings one into therapy, and that deepens when one encounters the shadow side of personality. The shadow is the inferior part of the personality; sum of all personal and collective psychic elements which, because of their incompatibility with the chosen conscious attitude, are denied expression in life and therefore coalesce into a relatively autonomous 'splinter personality' with contrary tendencies in the unconscious. The shadow behaves compensatorily to consciousness; hence its effects can be positive as well as negative. The encounter with the shadow is invariably experienced as a mortificatio: dark shadow aspects of the Self have to be confronted and assimilated into consciousness; the feelings of guilt, worthlessness and powerlessness have to be suffered, taken on and worked through. As a prelude to resolving conflicts and warring elements in the psyche, a cleansing process was required involving an examination and withdrawal of projections. The nigredo stage was known by the alchemists to be dangerous: poisonous vapours of lead and quick silver (mercury) were generated or the vessel itself might explode due to over-heating. Safety apart - the alchemist, paradoxically, had to observe the value of patience in order to move the work on.
My army of redemption
Angels vs Demons Which will save you? You decide...
Albedo or Whitening
In alchemical language, matter suffers until the nigredo disappears and a new day dawns. The material slowly starts coming back to life. The albedo, the second stage, was said to result from the washing (ablutio, baptisma) of the products of this nigredo. Psychologically, it represents the later stages of shadow integration within the intimacy of the analytic 'retort' - the process of washing one's dirty linen in public; it being in the gross matter or 'shadow' of our worldly affairs where contamination has taken place.
In some traditions, the nigredo constitutes the 'death' of the prima materia - in analysis, a dying to old habits, attitudes and patterns of relating, to childhood attachments and dependencies, and the withdrawal of psychologically naive projections; at the moment of 'death' the soul (ie, the anima) is released, refined and then reunited with the revitalised materia to produce the glorious stage of many colours - called the 'peacock's tail,' the caudis pavonis, which then transforms into white (albedo), which contains all colours, like 'white' light. This moment is highly rewarding, though still a sort of abstract, ideal state. Jung compared it with daybreak, the preparation for the next and final stage, which is the sunrise.
The angel of life and death
Rubedo or Reddening

To make the opus come alive into a fully human mode of existence it must have 'blood', or what the alchemists call the rubedo or 'reddness' of life. In this final stage, the white becomes united with red through the raising of the heat in the fire. The white is associated with the Queen and the red with the King, who now arise out of the mercurial, tranformative 'waters' of the unconscious to perform their coniunctio oppositorum, the union of all opposites as symbolised by the conjunction of the archetypal masculine and feminine in the 'chymical marriage', the hieros gamos3. This results in the grand climax, the achievement of the goal - the lapis philosophorum, the hermaphrodite embodying the united King and Queen. This is the so-called 'third thing', the 'Rebis', the phenomenon of the union of love and soul itself, the soul that is engendered through love - this 'divine birth' symbolising a re-awakening of psychological reality, a new ruling consciousness.

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